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Category: Love

What makes women happy?

It’s really hard to make some women happy, but luckily not all women are alike. All you need to do is make a strong emotional impression. Once you’re in the “emotional zone”, you’ll be fine. Most …

Night Vision for Elle Brazil, 2014

The beautiful model, Josephine Skriver stuns in “Night Vision“ for Elle. The photographer uses the sensitive side of thermal imaging inspired of infrared lights of the night streets. Model: Josephine Skriver Photography: Nicole Heiniger

Why sleeping unclothed is good

5 reasons why you should ditch your pajamas during sleep. The experts say that sleeping unclothed is good for you in many ways. Better sleep It`s very important to have a cooler environment when you sleep …

How to start forgiving and forgetting

Let go the anger and bitterness can help you change the attitude and improve your health. Check out these steps to happiness and start from today! Wish him Happiness  Always wish happiness for the person …