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10 Women’s Habits That All Men Hate

Dear ladies, take a closer look and remember which of your habits are not attractive nor nice.

Here’s what men say about women’s habits they hate.


A woman should always close the door while she’s in the bathroom

It is really disgusting to see a woman in the bathroom. Don’t leave your tampons behind because that’s a repulsing image for men.

A materialist

Men don’t like women that are too materialistic. If she makes too many comments on the watch he’s wearing, the shoes or the car he’s driving, men are no longer interested.

No pressure

Men want to go out with women without any pressure. If a man is under pressure, and she adds even more pressure, then men lose interest.

A critic

Men don’t like when women criticize them in front of other people. If they do something wrong, that must be told in private.

A know it all women

It’s really not cool when your girlfriends what’s to know everything you do and everywhere you go. Men, this way feel pressured and constantly watched.


It’s OK to be jealous sometimes, but men really hate jealous arguments.

Women who are not interested in their future

Men don’t like women that don’t have their own lives and jobs. They want women who are responsible and who can take care of themselves.

Men want peace after a hard working day

When your men gets home from work, leave him half an hour to rest. Greet him, kiss him but don’t start talking immediately what you need.

Drastic changes

Every men fear that his girlfriend will cut her hair off, gain weight or lose the desire for making love.

A woman who’s not sociable

Women should not let men know that they sit at home and wait for his call. All men want to know that their girlfriend has friends and socializes with other people.