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7 Lovely Places To Go For a Date

There are so many places that a couple can decide to go for a date. Most cities and towns in the world have so much to offer for those who want to go for a date, whenever it is for their first time or if they are regulars.

Couples can decide to visit museums, coffee shops, beaches, movie theaters, national parks, bars and restaurant among others amazing things. All these places offer great and romantic experiences to couples.

Some of the best places for a perfect date for couples:



Miami is one of the most romantic places on earth. With its endless beaches, nightlife, movie theaters, superb weather, especially during summer, modern zoos and resorts.

Miami is greatly known for couples, because of the white sandy beaches that are a good place to go for a stroll. There are also great shopping places like the bay side marketplace which is the largest mall with more than one hundred and fifty tourist shops.


Austin is also one of the most romantic places that couples can visit. There are numerous bars and restaurants and the nightlife is always thrilling.
There are also numerous clubs that play live music bands and movie theaters that are worth visiting in Austin, Texas.


Florida, commonly known as FL or The Sunshine State, is one of the most visited places by couples. There is so much to see in Florida including Walt Disney World, Islands of Adventure, Magic Kingdom, Universal Orlando and many more.

The mode of transport is also superb in Florida. The beaches are also very popular and the nightlife is excellent.


Mombasa is a city along the Kenyan coast. The city is a major tourist attraction and has some of the best beaches and hotels for couples. The weather is warm most part of the year.

The long beaches offer the best sites for evening camping or strolling. There is also plenty of beach sports like beach volleyball for couples to enjoy.

The five star hotels sample some of the best African dishes as well as foreign foods.


 Cape Town is a town found in South Africa. This is the most visited town in Africa and has so much to offer especially for couples. There are Sandstone Mountains, vineyards and romantic beaches.

There are coffee shops, modern shopping malls and national parks and museums in Cape Town.


Copenhagen is famously known for long summer nights which give the couples some extra time to mingle on the beaches and visit movie theaters.

There are plenty of parks and wide beaches. The streets are lively with couples from all over the world who enjoy the fine weather. This town is also known for holding parties.


This is also another party city with everything that a couple could wish for, during their stay. The neighborhood is very charming and the locals are very friendly. There are numerous bistros that offer very romantic perfect nights for couples.

Foreign couples that wish to visit any romantic place in the United States are required to apply for US visa in order to get full access to the facilities.