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All The Things I Should Have Told My Best Friend

Your best friend is one of the most important people in your life. She has always been beside your side and she really deserves a HUGE Thank you!

Pay attention when she does all these little things for you and always say thank you! 2 small words with huge meaning!

These are the reasons why you should say “Thank you” to your best friend:


1. She always lets you back

For all those times that you wanted to try something new, for the times that you’ve changed under someone’s influence, for the times you did stupid things – she knew you’ll come around and always return to her.

2. For the times she let you date a wrong person

She didn’t stop you, because she knew it’s important to realize yourself that the person is not worth your time and effort.

3. For the times she has the patients to hear about your problems, even though you never asked how she’s doing

Sometimes you get caught in your own problems, that you forget that other people have problems too. She’s always here to hear about your problems and to help you find a solution.


4. For the time she agreed to go on a date with you boyfriend’s friend, just so you can spend time with him

That’s what real friend do. Sometimes you sacrifice for your best friend’s happiness.

5. For borrowing her favorite outfit and let you keep it

She gladly does this, because she loves seeing you happy.

6. For always being there for you

She has always been around. She doesn’t want to change you and she’s never ashamed of you.


7. Instead of telling you you’ve gained weight, she joins you for a meal

While other people always tell you that you have an unhealthy diet, and that you eat too much, she’s the person that you want sitting next to you in a restaurant.

8. For always protecting you in front of your parents

She knows you did something that will make your parents angry, and that’s why she always protects you in front of them. She knows how to calm them down and never blames you for the things you do.

9. For allowing her home to be your home

You don’t have to wait for a glass of water or a cup of coffee at her house. You can do it yourself. You already know where everything is and you feel at home.


10. For the times she was right, but never told you “I told you so”

She knows you and she knows that you must learn from your own mistakes. She’ll hear you out but she will never tell you” I told you so”.

11. For always telling the truth

No matter how painful it is, she feels obligated to always tell you the truth and to let you decide. She never wants to lie to you.

For all these things and many others, tell your best friend “Thank you”!