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Will Your Marriage Survive Without Making Love

Many couples say that their sexual desire is killed by stress and worries. Time goes by, and spouses turn into strangers. And then you’ll be faced with all the excuses…

“It’s normal when you have kids, not to make love”, “It’s normal not to feel passionate after all these years”, “ When you don’t have intimate intercourse with your spouse, it’s normal to look for another sexual partner”- are just of the excuses.


Although it’s generally thought that women suffer less when there’s lack of intimate intercourse, it’s actually really difficult to choose who struggles the most, women or men.

Lack of intimate intercourse hits both genders equally, and that leads to low self-esteem and frustrations. Psychologists claim that 30 days to 3 months abstinence is normal, but it’s something that needs to be discussed. You need to make an effort to understand the problem, but if you don’t make love for more than 30 days you need to ask for help.

Annie and Douglas Brown have been married for 14 years, but they haven’t had sexual intercourse for months. Their relationship is based on the love they have for their children, friendship and respect. Despite this, the decided to engage in an experiment where they’ll need to make love, every day for three months. The experiment has proven to be successful, and Annie and Douglas advise every married couple to try it – “Go ahead and do it- Turn off the TV and turn on your sexual life for 101 days.”

A massage, scented candles and provocative lingerie might solve your problem. Therefore it’s extremely important that you don’t take your partner for granted and to find a solution for your problem.

Lack of passion can happen to anyone at a certain period, but there are more specific reasons for abstinence. Number one on the list is the feelings your partner has when he’s not feeling understood and respected.

How to rekindle the spark:

The passion starts outside the bedroom. Send each other text messages, have some dinner, watch movies.

Experiment. Try new positions.

Maintain eye contact. This way you’ll be more intimate.

Take control into your own hands. Initiate intimate intercourse and lead the game. This way you’ll show your partner he’s still wanted.