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10 Curious Facts About Kissing

Kissing is a magical way through which we can show someone that we care about.

When we kiss, the feeling is extraordinary, but have you ever think that it has a good effect on your physical health. We present the 10 curious facts about kissing you simply have to know…


Fact #10

The word kiss origins from the old English cyssan, which is from the proto-Germanic word kussijanan-stemming from the sound kissing makes.

Fact #9

Kissing increases levels of oxytocin and endorphins, the body`s calming and feel good chemicals. It also increases dopamine, which assist with romantic attachment.

Fact #8

Mangaia Island inhabitants had never heard of kissing, until the English arrived there in the 1700s.

Fact #7

The first recorded kiss is in the early Vedic  scriptures, dating around 1500BC. It describes people as sniffing with their mouths.

Fact #6

Lips have 100X the nerve endings of fingertips. Humans are also the only who have lips with a distinct colored border.

Fact #5

20 % of the bacteria in your saliva is unique to you. When it is exchanged in kissing it helps build immunity.  A kiss exchanges between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria.

Fact #4

When a man kisses a woman it is possible for her testosterone levels (testosterone belongs to a class of male hormones, but women also have testosterone) to be raised. This raises her receptivity and libido.

Fact #3

The scientists are unsure as to the specific roots of kissing. It may be linked to the good feelings attached with feeding as an infant.

Fact #2

A regular kiss involves two muscles in the face. French kissing or “soul-kissing“ involves all 34 facial muscles.

Fact #1

Researches found that 80% of people tilt to the right when kissing. Left turners were perceived as being more flexible in their kissing.