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5 Signs He’s Crazy in Love With You

If you’re not really sure that the guy you’re dating is in love with you, then this is the perfect article for you. There are some gestures and things he does that show that your boyfriend is really madly in love with you.


  1. He Loves Your Natural Beauty

You are a stunning girl who likes to wear her stylish clothes and make up, but he loves the way you look when you are dressed in your pyjamas. He even likes your freckles that you hate. It’s a sign he loves you for who you really are. Passion and desire might attract men at first, but real love keeps them around. And it’s a fact that real love comes from real, natural beauty.

  1. He Supports Your Dreams

He never laughs with your dreams, no matter how crazy they are. He always supports your decisions and will do anything to help you realize them. Your boyfriend feels that supporting your dreams is a great way to come even closer to you and to show you how much he cares. He’s always beside you when you fail to realize your dreams. He will always support you and will be a shoulder to cry on, and will never tell you “I told you so”.

  1. He Spoils You

He remembers everything you like and does everything to make you happy. He sends you flowers to your office just to make your day, and cooks you a romantic dinner just because he wants to. He wakes up and goes straight to the kitchen to prepare your breakfast and he serves it in bed. These are the details that show that he really loves you.

  1. He Treats You Like a Lady

Men these days don’t know how to treat a lady. He’s always walking next to holding your hand. He makes always opens the door for you and he never lets you carry anything but your purse. All these signs show that he loves you and respect you as a woman, and that he understands the positions in the relationship.

5.  He’s Full of Pride When He Talks About You

Observe your man when he’s talking about you. He’s passionately talking about your intellectual background and your academic studies. Your weird addiction to TV shows and your silly cooking skills are things that amaze him. The man you’re dating truly loves you because he’s noticing in every little thing that you are and you do.