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December Challenge: Holiday Slim Down

It’s time for the December challenge. This month we’re focusing on 3 things: Changing our thoughts, our actions and our habits to achieve true lifestyle changes. This December Challenge is just for you and what you’re willing to do to make your life better.


Goal 1

Cut down fast food, junk foods and all types of foods that don’t positively contribute to your weight loss goal. We suggest you take 2 or 3 cheat days just so you can properly enjoy the holidays ahead of you. Don’t forget to eat and drink in moderation. The key to losing weight is portion size!

  • No Soda –not even diet soda
  • No Fast Food
  • No Alcohol
  • No White Bread – Only whole wheat bread in moderation
  • No White Sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • No Store Bought Juice – Start using your juicer
  • No Sugary Snacks– No cake, pie, cookies, candy, cupcakes, etc.
  • No Pasta – Only whole wheat pasta in moderation
  • No Artificial Sweeteners – Try to use natural sweeteners

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Goal 2

Work out at least 4 times a week, minimum 45 minutes. Since winter is coming, start doing your exercises at home. We’re giving you our “December Workout” chart of exercises you can do at home without using any equipment. Do these exercises at least 4 times a week. Don’t try to push yourself too hard because you can injure yourself and we don’t want it. Do as much repetitions as you can and increase that number over time until you get to 25 reps.


Goal 3

Keep track of your progress with the Thoughts/Actions/Habits Exercise. Keep a journal of your experience during your December challenge.

Thoughts/Actions/Habits Exercise

Card 1

Consider your thoughts that lead you to eat unhealthy and neglect your exercising habits. Consider your thoughts that cause emotional and stress overeating. Write down 2 or 3 thought on the first card that you need to change ASAP. On the back of the same card, write why those same thoughts are untrue.


– Thought: I will never lose weight – Truth: Weight Loss is possible for me with time and commitment to new actions.

Card 2

Rethink your actions that make you gain weight. Take an index card and write at least 3 actions that you need to change so you can get healthier and lose weight. On the back of the same card, write new actions that you’re willing to commit to doing this December.


– I don’t exercise regularly – I will commit to exercise at home 4 days a week.

Card 3

Some of your habits can be really damaging your health and your weight loss goal. Those things you do every day and you probably don’t even notice that you’re doing. You might not be able to change all those bad habits in just one month, but at least you’re trying. On the back of the card, write the ways your habits are interrupting your weight loss goal.


– I will stop negative self-talk and beating myself up about my eating.

A Few Breakfast Ideas for Your December Challenge

Eggs- Eggs are perfect for breakfast. Don’t forget to focus on eating only the egg whites because they don’t contain saturated fats and are high in proteins. Combine your egg whites with beans, veggies or even some meat.

Fruits- Mix some of your favorite fruits, add some mint and some lemon juice and your breakfast is ready. You can even add some agave nectar.

Meat- Turkey bacon, smoked salmon and smoked turkey are the best breakfast meats. They’re low in fat and sodium.

Yogurt- Non-fat, plain Greek yogurt is your best breakfast friend. It’s rich in proteins, low in sugar and it’s an amazing source of calcium. You can mix yogurt with almost anything. Add some almonds or just mix it with your favorite fruits.