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The Skin Tone Commandments

We all know our skin color; but many of us need to learn what that means when it comes to skin care.

It may sound crazy but we all look in the mirror every day and are totally aware of the color of our skin. But did you know that every skin pigment comes with a different set of problems? The good news is that we’ve got the tips, tricks and products to solve them.

White Skin


When it’s clear and healthy, fair skin is luminous and turns heads. But the lighter it is, the more disposed it is to sun damage which is the No 1 cause of ageing. White skin inbuilt SPF is only around SPF3, whereas black skin’s is SPF3, due to differing levels of protective melanin. UV exposure leads to collagen breakdown and the first wrinkles from your late twenties on. This is why wearing a daily SPF is a no-brainer. On the plus side, white skin is less at risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation. On the plus side, white skin is less at risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation. IPL technology (Intense pulsed light) is a great treatment for removing dark spots or thread veins, where acne and pores can be helped by lasers.

Your Top 3 Priorities

Avoid sunbathing. Wear SPF and save a fortune on anti-ageing products in your forties.

Stop smoking. Smoking makes you to look 10-20 years older that your real age.

Feed your face. Foods containing lycopene (orange and red fruits and vegetables) and green tea fight all the signs of ageing.

Black Skin


Darker skins are lucky: they get fewer wrinkles. Higher levels of pigmentation offer superior UV protection and delayed signs of ageing. We’re talking line-free skin until probably your half century or beyond. Wow, but here is one problem lurking, that is sagging. Black skin suffers from hollowing under the eyes and prominence of nasolabial folds (your smile lines). Collagen-plumping creams can help: look for facial creams that contain peptides and hyaluronic acid, or high-quality collagen supplements. Post-inflammatory pigmentation and scarring are also big problems. Prevention is key, so be careful when trying new potent products at home.

Your Top 3 Priorities

Be gentle. No scrubbing, picking or using overly aggressive products.

Use a retinoid. This should control acne and dark spots.

Apply SPF15 daily. UV rays will worsen those dreaded dark patches fast.

Middle Eastern and Indian Skin 


When God was handing out the ageing genes, it appears he gave this skin type the pause button. Wrinkles tend to be delayed, often not appearing until your late thirties or forties. There’s tendency towards pigmentation, dark circles and dullness. Irregular pigmentation is where sun damage, hormones or irritation can leave dark blotches on your skin-but you can fight back with products containing Kojic acid and arbutin. The unpleasant dark circles may also be irritating for your look. They’re often inherited and are caused either by high pigment levels or micro blood vessels that have leaked, causing purple or black stains under the eyes. It is highly recommended using an eye cream containing vitamin K and antioxidants.

Your Top 3 Priorities

Sleep. A good eight hours a night will help keep dark circle and dullness at bay.

Use quality eye cream. Bright eyes will lift your whole face.

Add antioxidants. For stronger, more resilient skin.