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Who are the magical herbs to fight acne?

Here is the list of magical herbs that will help you combat acne. Add these incredible herbs to your healthy diet, and they will make your skin healthier. Certain herbs are richer with antioxidants than some fruit and vegetables, which actually combat free radicals, reduce skin inflammation, combat acne and make you look younger.



The best sources of chlorophyll and Vitamin C is the parsley, which helps you stay young and healthy. It has an effect and is very good for damaged skin. You can add this herb in everyday meal; also you can add it as an ingredient in your morning fresh vegetable juice or smoothie.


This herb helps your skin to breath; it fights with all bacteria that lead to skin inflammation. Adding basil in your healthy diet will help you reduce the facial wrinkles and acne. Use as an ingredient in smoothies or in a green salad and savory meals.



Mint is good for better digesting. It contains large amounts of chlorophyll that help for combating skin inflammation and reduces stress, which is the biggest cause of acne. The good side of this amazing herb is that have a lot of health benefits to the body. Add fresh mint to your morning smoothies, or make a tea after dinner. It makes you calm and will help to sleep better.


Although sage has hard taste and not everyone can stand it, has the power to reduce inflammation and stress. This incredible calming herb has antibacterial properties and fights against acne and skin stress. You can consume it dried or fresh. Add sage to stew, soup, or any savory meal.



Cilantro (coriander), is a detox herb, helping to fight acne. It contains a large amount of chlorophyll, which helps to combat acidity in the body, detoxify the liver and prevent illness. Also fights low blood sugar. Besides all, it is very tasty, calorie-free and you can consume it adding to your smoothies.


Oregano is the best herb that fights against skin acne. Also helps to low your appetite if you have problem with overweight. It has antibacterial properties; it is full with chlorophyll and amazingly helps you reducing stress and depression. You can consume this very tasty herb with salads, savory meals, and dressings, dried or fresh.



Neem is evergreen tree which is endemic to the Indian subcontinent and is very powerful for cleansing and healing your skin, clearing your facial skin of acne. You can add some leaves to salads or tea.

When you are trying to fight acne, do not forget to add some of these magical herbs to your healthy diet.