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Skin problems and barrier repair

Skin problems are common for the most women during all seasons of the year, but mostly after the winter. When the temperature drops, sensitive skin often takes a dive with it.


When the weather shifts, sometimes your skin may become stiff, severely dry and rough to touch and this can happen almost overnight. A combination of atopic dermatitis and chemical allergies means that your skin has difficulty in retaining moisture. Sometimes even the facial and body cosmetics don`t help, and when your body comes into contact with something that is not agreeing with it, can lead to itching, red splotches, acne and coarse patches.

Combination of seasonal, environmental or genetic factors may contribute to the rawness and skin inflammation. There are three reasons where the skin can be hyper-irritable: it can be too dry, particularly during winter, a condition where skin swells and reddens, genetic disease when the skin barrier is abnormal.

Barrier repair


The skin barrier which is the top layer protects us from the outside world and is the gatekeeper of  healthy skin. When skin is dry, because of the cold temperatures, an allergic reaction or irritating  substances in everyday cosmetic products, the skin layer breaks down. It may happen the ingredients found in the everyday creams and cleansers to penetrate and cause skin damage or other skin problems.

The first thing every woman should do, to restore a compromised barrier, begins in the morning.

Take a lukewarm, short bath or shower, because hot water further depletes vulnerable skin of moisture.

Choose the adequate body wash. Cream cleansers are gentler than bars, which can strip your skin of necessary oils. Find the most nourish body wash for skin care and restoring and moisture essential daily body wash which are formulated without surfactants, dyes or fragrance.

Looking in hydration immediately after a shower is the key. Most of the dermatologists recommend hydrating creams and lotions containing urea, ceramides and hydroxy acids, which hold water and also reduce wrinkles or the signs of aging, improving the overall look and feel of the skin. You can use aloe gel, vaseline or petroleum jelly instead.