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Forget the fragrance if you have a sensitive skin

The number-one cause of allergy in skin care products is fragrance. If your skin is aggravated, most dermatologists advise removing scented items to help solve the problem`s origin or merely give your skin a break. This means to appraisal everything you put in your hair and body, from hair spray to cuticle cream. Fragrances, whatever their form, added in perfumes, fragrant plant extracts or essential oils, are a problem for any skin type, especially for those who has problematic skin or allergies like eczema or rosacea. Fragrances are compound of volatile substances and when applied on the skin, they react, and may cause irritation which can be visible or not on the skin’s surface.


Even the fragrances are bad for your skin and can cause damage and itching, almost every cosmetic product contains them, because we shop with our nose, smelling the creams, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, perfumes…

The reason why fragrances are added in cosmetics is because of the natural ingredients in cosmetic formulas. Most of them don`t smell good and are not alluring to the buyers, and  fragrances help conceal their unpleasant scents.

Use free fragrance products


Actually, it is very hard to find 100 % percent free fragrance products on the market. But with a little research and dermatological advice, you can find the perfect cosmetic product that suits your skin, and give you the extra skin care and needed relief. Always look for 100% fragrance-free skin care and makeup products and also unscented hair care products. Be careful with buying natural skin care products and organic ingredients, because sometimes, even they are for extremely sensitive skin care, can cause irritation and redness. Before using any product, consult with your dermatologist.