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November Challenge: Make Your Own Weight Loss And Workout Journal

Your goal for this November:

  • Keep your own detailed drink and food journal.
  • Exercise at least 5 days a week.

This November we want you to focus on learning how many calories you should eat in order to lose weight. Pay attention to your eating habits and exercise 5 days a week, 30 minutes at least.


Drink and Food Journal

Many people aren’t sure what to eat and how much to eat. This October we want you to start eating reasonable and balanced portions. Write down everything you put in your mouth and most importantly be honest. Measure your portions before you eat them and check their nutrition value.

3 Main Rules
  1. How much you should be eating every day?
    Have an eating goal in mind before you start. Pick your goal and stick with it for 14 days and use a food calculator if you need to. Setting this goal will help your body get used to the calories reduction and exercising. On the other hand, if you’re gaining weight during the first week that’s a sign that you need to make changes.
  2. Decide how you’ll record your meals
    It’s really important to record your food and drink intake. Write it in a special notebook or use an appropriate web or phone app (try Lose It!). If you want to have a clearer picture of your meals, then also recording the proteins, fats, carbs and fibers in your meals.
  3. Give yourself a treat
    Treat yourself once a week, but don’t eat a treat that has more than 500 calories.

Here are some healthy sweet suggestions:

Homemade, Healthy and Non-Fat Ice Cream

Cheesecake in a Glass: A Delight That Has Only 76 Calories

Eat Balanced Meals

Here are our suggestions:

  • Vitamin Rich Produce- 3 servings vegetables and 1 serving fruit.
  • Proteins: Divide your weight in half and get a good minimum range of proteins.
  • Eat healthy fats- avocado, oils, fish oil supplements, nuts etc.
Combine Your Foods:

– Combine one portion of proteins with a portion of whole grains or veggies.
– Combine Greek yogurt with fruit or cereals.
– Combine egg whites with veggies.

November Workout Calendar


Click here to download the workout calendar.

Don’t get devastated if you can’t do all the moves. Do your best and do some modifications if you really need to. It’s also OK if you reduce the number of repetitions if you’re a beginner.

  • Do 1-3 sets of the exercises listed for the day. If you can’t complete 3 sets, it’s fine. Do as many as you can if you’re a beginner.
  • Rest 30-60 seconds between exercises.
  • For cardio you can do many things such as: walking, jogging, jumping rope, running, elliptical machine, kickboxing, stepper machine etc.

Here are some examples if you are not familiar with any of the exercises in the table or do your own search:

5 Best Exercises To Tone Your Thighs

How to Lose Flabby Arms Fast

THREE exercises for a perfect butt

Amazing Fat Burning Exercises by Jillian Michaels

Let us know that you have accepted this challenge. You are more than welcome to share your opinions and comments below.