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12 Surprisingly Useful Health Tips

To suppress your craving for food when you are trying hard to lose some weight, here are some surprisingly useful health tips to start your healthy diet and healthy way of life.


  1. Drink a big glass of water. Wait for 10 minutes. See if you are still hungry.
  2. Chew a piece of gum.
  3. Chew a piece of gum while you cook.
  4. When you have a craving, go on a walk, or do a home project.
  5. Eat a piece of fruit.
  6. Respect the 3-Bite Rule when eating.
  7. Brush your teeth after meals and snacks.
  8. Don’t eat while standing.
  9. Don’t eat your kids’ leftovers.
  10. Kitchen closes at 6:00. P.M.
  11. Clean up after you prepare a meal/snack, BEFORE you eat.
  12. Food log! Log everything you eat!

Extra health tip: Exercise!!! Always make a time to do some home exercises along healthy and balanced diet. WDM present some basic daily exercises, you can find here: The Basic Exercises for Weight Loss at Home!

If you are working many hours a day, and if you are stuck in the office all day, here you can read about some exercises which are suitable during working time: 10 exercises that you can do at your workplace!