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10 exercises that you can do at your workplace

Stretching the feet under the table


While you are sitting in your office, you can easily stretch your legs. Raise the lower part of the legs from the floor until you straight your legs and knees and feel the contraction on your muscles. Repeat this as much times as you think its enough for a relaxing feeling in your legs.

Raising up

If you wait in line for photocopying a document, don’t just stand there doing nothing but start working your calfs with raising on your feet fingers and land on your heel. If nobody is watching you repeat that sequence 30 times. If somebody is watching you than you should only raise on your feet fingers and stay in that position as long as you can.


While you write on your computer, raise your back up, pull your knees and hold in that position for few seconds so you can achieve contraction in your belly muscles. Repeat this as much as you can and you have done a really nice workout while doing your homework.

Turning around

For this exercise, you will need a chair that can turn around and an empty office. Start with the above mentioned abs workout and after you finish, turn around on your legs. Repeat this as much times as you can.



Put your hands on your knees, place together both of your palms and with your fingers on one of your hands catch the fingers on the other hand and pull as much as you can. Do this exercise first on your left side, then on your right. Rest and repeat the sequence. This is how you exercise triceps, biceps and even you incorporate the chest muscles.

Change the floor

Instead of going to the toilet on the same floor as your office is, go on the upper floor or go to the toilet that is on the lower floor. If you do this several times a day, you will burn 100 calories.


Put your hands on your legs and close them up in a prayer and then push the right hand with the left hand and reverse. That’s how you engage the triceps, biceps and the chest muscles.

Table as a dumbbell

Put your hands under the table, rely your hands on the bottom part of the table and push up, also you can put the hands above and push down. This is a good practical and efficient arms exercise.

Gluteus maximus muscles

While you are sitting on a chair, engage the butt and hold it as long as you can and then release the pressure. If someone is nearby, hold the muscles under pressure longer.

Active breaks


On your lunch break, try walking to your favorite restaurant instead of taking the cab and walk back to work. This is a simple but efficient way to burn calories.

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