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The Basic Exercises for Weight Loss at Home

These exercises can help you lose weight easier, actually a few inches off the waistline. They are very simple yet useful and you can do them at home.

Remember that staying in a good shape with do-it-yourself exercises at home is not that hard at all. Even you may not expect to see immediate results, be sure that they will come with time.

Along exercising always have a healthy and balanced diet. Here you can read more about the best healthy diet for you: Everyday healthy diet.

Eat lot of fruits and vegetables, low fat foods and reduce the red meat, instead you can eat fish. Give priority to the proteins and drink plenty of water. Remember, eating healthy is essential in weight loss.

Here are 3 easy exercises for arms, stomach and legs:

Arms Circles With Weights


To tone your arms, take two bottles full with water (half liter) or two small weights. Open your arms on both sides and form a circle (at least 10), large enough, first forward, then backward. Repeat this exercise 10 times in both directions.



To strengthen your abs, lie on the floor, then contract your abdominal muscles. Raise one leg stretched out for about 10 cm from the ground. Your arms should be stretched along the body, but high on the ground. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat 10 times.

Leg Exercises 


This is a great exercise for beautiful toned legs. Stand with your legs together and lift the side with the right decision but slowly. Do at least three sets of this exercise with 10 risers each course per side.



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