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The Best Ab Workout For This Summer

Get your tummy ready for the bikini season that is nearly coming. Here are some exercises that you are going to love to do and you will feel great after completing the workout routine.

Scissor crunch


With your legs make a soft scissor position, pick your one leg up, crunching your opposite elbow to meet your knee. Do 15 reps of these exercises, then change your side.

Starfish crunch


Lay on the ground with spread arms and legs like a starfish shape. Pull your body in tight and toned into a ball using your core muscles. Your abs literally get pumped up, which also helps bring oxygen to the core area. This is a pretty intense exercise and you will feel the difference after the finish.

Side slimmer


Stat on your side with your right arm and leg strong and your left leg at 90 degrees with your foot flat on the floor. Push into your left heel and lift your hips and flip your arm over your body. Do 15 reps for one side at a time.

Tummy tuck


In a tough plank position, your shoulders should be in line with your wrists and your spine neutral, squeeze one knee up toward your elbow, cinching the sides of your abs. Then change the exercises with other leg. This exercise tones and shapes your lower abs, shoulders and core.



Start in a plank position, keeping your core strong and elbows and knees soft. Then jump with your feet forward and tuck your knees to your chest using the lower core muscles. This exercise is a kind of a plyometric jump. Jump back into your plank position and repeat it again for 15 times.

To maintain your abs you should always combine your workouts with a healthy diet.

If you want better results you can combine this ab workout with Basic off-balance moves for the perfect workout