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Basic off-balance moves for perfect workout

Turn your daily workout into a balancing act and gain the desired results for perfect tighten body. Let these basic and fun moves be your guide for better fitness.

Engage your abs


Engage your abdominal muscles and tighten them without holding your breath. This way you will activate the core muscles down your spine. This exercise will also help tone your abdominal area and give you energy for further exercising.

Keep the balance on one leg


Start this exercise keeping a stable on a chair or a wall. Put your feet together and then pick up one foot facing forward or to the side. Switch the feet and repeat the moves. Make four reps with each leg. This is a good exercise for keeping the balance of your body.

Swing the legs


Stand on one leg and raise another one off the floor. Then start swings your raised leg forward and backward. You may touch the floor to keep the balance of your body. Repeat the exercise with the other leg. That is how you will keep your torso erect.

Make moves like clock


Make balance on one leg, straight the torso forward; put your head up, one hand on the hips. Start to make moves, visualizing a clock and straight your arm overhead for 12 times then to the side for 3 times. Make sure not to lose the body balance. Then switch to the other arm and leg and repeat the move.

Squat with one leg


Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Put your left foot out a little bit and push your hips back and down and make this squat position of your body. Bent your right knee, straight your chest out and put yours arms forward. Then start to push up slowly to return to your starting position. Then switch your feet. Make sure that your knee is not pushed front of your toes. For balance of your body you may touch the floor barely.

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