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Four simple exercises for perfect body for the summer

There are plenty of exercising programs for women that shows you how to build up a perfect body for the upcoming summer when you have to show some naked skin. Usually, the local gyms are full to the max with women who want to make it for the summer and there are always fitness programs on the internet that show you some nice tricks. But what if we tell you about several very simple exercises that will help you make your Amazonian body. Even more, it’s the cheapest and easiest way to succeed. Here we give you 4 exercises with the usual rubber bands.

1. Pilates row

Four-simple-exercises-for-perfect-body-for-the-summer-1This exercise is pretty simple. The only thing you should do is to sit on the bottom, extend your legs and tie the band on your left foot. Next hold the top of the bands with your palms facing the floor and above the knees. Straight your back up and raise the left foot. Then  pull the right arm back while having a bend in the elbow. Repeat this move for 10 times.

2. Staggered fly


Take a position of the most famous lunges with the right foot forward. Step the bend in the middle with your right foot, wrap it over your shoe and hold the handles in the hands. You should balance the weight evenly between your feet and then raise the bands close to the height of the shoulders and repeat this move for 8 times.

3. Superwoman press


Stay tall with your feet and hip width apart. Step into the middle of the band with your right foot, raise the bands to the shoulders while leaning your torso forward and raise your right foot. Make a straight line while extending the right leg and the left arm and repeat this for 10 times and then switch sides.

4. Squat


Place the foot a little wider than the shoulder line while keeping them in a 45 degree position. Grab the bends and manipulate the width of the band circle on the floor so that you make it a little harder for yourself. The wider the circle the harder the pressure. Then start squatting and repeat it 10 times.