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The key to motivation

Here are some motivating  tips for a healthier life.


Keep a food diary

Set it out like this – Breakfast. Snack. Lunch. Snack. Dinner.  Record what you ate, followed by the calories. At  the end, write a calorie total.

Look at pictures of what you want your body like

Of course. Keeping in mind at all times that you will achieve this by exercise healthy eating. Not fasting. Fasting only makes you hungrier and your body will not reward you.

Look at pictures of healthy food

Surf Internet for healthy food photos. You’ll see all the vibrant colors of juicy, crunchy veggies and luscious berries, which are all bursting with goodies for your body!

Put things into perspective

A small cheeseburger or a sweet muffin is equivalent to a massive plate of lean protein and unlimited vegetables. Enough said.

Weight loss = 70% Food, 30% Exercise

If you run for an hour every  day, but eat  junk, you won’t be slim. To work off 1 small chocolate cookie, you will need to do 12 laps of a large football field. Eat healthy, you won’t need to exercise as intensely!



Most people think of this beautiful season when they want to lose weight. Think of how confident and liberated you will feel in your favorite swimsuit.


Make yourself playlist of 10 songs you love! Each song is about 3 mins- that’s 30 mins of exercise! Put on some comfy shots and walk! If you have a large backyard, do laps! It’s relaxing and you will breathe in some O2 and soak in some Vitamin D from the sun!

Day Diet

Eating healthy can make you crave bad foods. So chose a day when you can splurge. You can ‘up’ the fruit by making a massive fruit salad. This’ll fill you up so that you don’t feel like cookies anymore, and although it’s slightly higher in cals than your daily limit. You’re still getting sweetness & nutrients!

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