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The Best Perfectly Timed Photos You Have to See

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take a perfect photo. Sometimes, it’s all about the timing. Here are some of the best photos that weren’t meant to be taken. These pics capture the funniest, most fascinating, unexpected moments. Enjoy!

Girls Need a Night, or Weekend, Too

Do you crave something different in this life? OK, time out. Before you start to think that this will be a psychoanalysis of your character, relax. Ladies, we all yearn for a little excitement outside the realm of our day-to-day responsibilities. The …

Googly Eyes Bring Life To Broken Streets

This Bulgarian street artist makes googly eyes everywhere possible in the streets. Vanyu Krastev takes something that’s broken down in an urban environment and humanizes it by sticking a pair of eyes on it. Take a look at his amazing street art. …

Tips for Purchasing a Best Cruiser Bike

Cruiser bike, beach or motorbike means a bicycle that comes with expressive style, extraordinary design, balloon tires, an upright seat and wonderful riding bike with single speed drivetrain. Usually, this bicycle or bike seems similar to rest of the bicycles on a …