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Get In The Mood For Halloween

The Spooky Season is upon us. The nights are drawing in, and Fall is here. Spider webs will soon be strung amongst the bare bushes bedecked with raindrops. Murky morning mists will soon replace the sound of summer birdsong. It is all getting rather dark and dank. Tradition says it is the time when the dead rise out of their graves and walk the earth.

Halloween is a decisive turning point in the year. As well as all the spooky horror stuff, it is said to signify the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. It is the time of year to let go of the negative energy that might be holding you back and celebrate the new energy that will replace it. If you don’t find it easy to get into the Halloween mood, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Lantern Carving

Even the most avowed Halloween detractor cannot help but enjoy the skill and beauty of a skillfully carved Jack O’ Lantern. The humble pumpkin turned into the most stunning forms or just a grinning globe to keep away malign spirits. You can make a trip to your local pumpkin patch or pick one up at the local store. From then on, with a few simple tools, you can create your own misshapen face or masterpiece. It might help to sketch out your design on paper before you start. Remember not to remove too much of the pumpkin, just enough so the light inside can glow through.

Plan an Outfit

Even if you just want to entertain or scare the kids who come to the door or are going to a party, starting your planning in advance is a good idea. A Halloween outfit doesn’t need to cost the earth. It is easy to turn yourself into a zombie anything with fake blood, white face paint, and a few slashes in some old clothes. Otherwise, a witch’s hat and green face paint always go down a storm.

Settle Down for Some Serious Viewing

Anyone looking for vampire inspiration will find plenty of films and TV programs to choose from. If you find all the blood-sucking vampires too scary, you might prefer to spend some time with the vegetarian high school vampires from Twilight. Unfortunately, the films are no longer available on Netflix, but you view them on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play.  Alternatively, you might like to get your vampire kicks by playing on the online slots.  You can find plenty to choose from in this list of online casinos in Michigan; including NetEnts Bloodsuckers 1 and 2, Halloween Jack or the iconic Dracula game.

Decorate The House

Just because the flowers have withered outside, there is no need for the inside of the house to be drab. There are loads of cool Halloween decorations to choose from. Fill your windows with fake spider webs, or get yourself some pumpkin fairy lights to string around the sitting room. You do not need to spend a fortune on decorations; you can make paperchains by cutting out simple bat shapes and stringing them across the room. Candles always look spooky, too but remember to be super careful if you are lighting lots of them in the house.

Bake A Cake

Everyone loves a cake, and it is great to have some ‘treats’ prepared for when the local kids come knocking. In addition, when it comes to Halloween bakes, the only limit on what you produce is your imagination (and your baking skills, of course). If you aren’t a confident baker, you might want to adapt a pre-bought cake mix and just add some suitable decorations. For example, a spider web is easy to reproduce with white water icing on a chocolate cake. Likewise, a spider can be fashioned out of fondant icing to sit in the middle. Toffee apples are always fun, too, and you can kid yourself that they are healthy – well, there is an apple inside all that sugar, after all.