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Fall Festivities: How to Organize a Birthday Bash for a Loved One They’ll Never Forget

While we’re in the midst of summer, fall is only around the corner. Soon September will arrive, the leaves will change color, the temperature will grow colder, and the daylight will grow shorter. And for those who have a loved one’s birthday coming up, it’s a good idea to get planning their party now, rather than leaving everything till the last minute.

Whatever age they’re turning, here are some tips on how to organize a fall birthday bash your loved one is sure to not forget in a hurry!

Pick a Theme

The first place to start when organizing a fall birthday party is to pick a theme. If your loved one’s birthday falls around Halloween, why not throw a spooky bash? If the weather is still pleasant, how about putting on an outdoor movie night? Thankfully, there are lots of fall birthday party ideas you can look at from Greenvelope. They are specialists when it comes to hosting birthday parties and picking the right theme.

Whatever theme you decide on, just make sure it’s one you know your loved one is going to enjoy. You don’t want to go to all the trouble and hassle of organizing a bash to find a horrified look on their face when they walk through the door! It may be wise to converse with their friends and other family members too so you can all agree on a theme.

Establish a Budget

Once you’ve picked a theme for your loved ones’ fall birthday party, it’s time to draw up a budget. After all, it’s going to cost money to host! Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or are able to splash the cash, it’s a good idea to establish a budget and know how much everything will cost well in advance.

If you’re looking at ways to save money, it’s wise to organize the party a few months before it takes place. You’ll find vendors may offer cheaper rates too. After establishing a budget, you will stay within your means and ensure no overspending occurs!

Choose a Date

After picking a theme and finding the money to foot the bill for the party, it’s time to pick a date. You need to make sure you choose a date that everyone can attend. This means steering clear of a weekday bash. Remember, many people work the typical Monday to Friday patterns, so if you want as many people as possible to be there for your loved one’s party, it’s best to throw the party at the weekend instead.

When you’ve chosen a date, make sure everyone knows about it straight away. Even if you pick a Saturday or Sunday for the party, if you leave telling attendees till the last minute, they may have other plans! Timing matters too. If you’re throwing an outdoor party, it’s wise to host festivities in the afternoon. On the other hand, if you’re arranging a fine dining extravaganza, it may be best for proceedings to start in the evening.

Find a Venue

Another important question to ask yourself. Where are you going to host your loved ones’ fall birthday party? If you want to save cash and have plenty of space at home, you may be drawn to the idea of hosting in your backyard. For those who haven’t got much room, you may need to find an alternative venue to host the bash.

Have a look at venues in your local area. You’ll find many accommodate birthday parties. Just make sure you engage with vendors well in advance. If you leave everything till the last minute, prepare to be disappointed. This is because they may be fully booked up! Whatever venue you decide on, make sure it’s big enough to house attendees. You will also need to work out costs to hire the space for the birthday party.

Arrange Entertainment

To keep a big smile on attendees’ faces from start to finish, you’re going to need to organize entertainment for your loved ones’ fall birthday party. If you’ve opted for a Halloween-themed bash, there are lots of fun games everyone can join in on which will get the party started in the best way possible! These include a Halloween scavenger hunt or a skeleton bone race!

If you want to avoid anything spooky, you’ll need to think of other entertainment ideas instead. To get everyone moving towards the dancefloor, have a think about whether to hire a DJ or not. If you see this as an unnecessary expense, why not come armed with a Spotify playlist? Just make sure it’s filled with lots of your loved one’s favorite songs, otherwise, they may kick up a fuss! A spot of karaoke is a great way to bring everyone together. After everyone has a go on the microphone, you may just find you have your own Mariah Carey at the bash!

Create a Guest List

Who are you planning to invite to your loved ones’ fall birthday party? This is a tough question. There are no right or wrong answers either. If it’s a milestone birthday, you may want everything to be a surprise. However, your loved one may want everyone and anyone attending as a result! Like with us all, there may be some people they want firmly crossed off the guest list. It can be difficult to know who to invite, so it may be wise to ask their friends for help.

Whoever you end up inviting, make sure you give plenty of warning about the party. Also, include an RSVP section so you can get a good idea of numbers. You also need to think about transport options. How is everyone going to get to and from the party? When you create a guest list and get confirmations of who and who isn’t attending, you can work out transport and other important factors.

Order Supplies

What is a fall birthday party without decorations and food? The answer to this is not a very fun one! Once you’ve covered all the above, it’s time to order supplies for the party. Regarding decorations, this shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if you’ve got a theme in mind. Make sure to stock up on lots of balloons, banners, centerpieces, and confetti!

To keep attendees well fed, you need to sort out catering. You may want to do all this yourself. But to save hassle and time, it’s wise to hire a professional to sort out the food. Make sure you cater to all guests and know about dietary requirements, food allergies and preferences beforehand. Also, stock up on lots of soft drinks, mixers, and alcohol!

For your loved one’s birthday party to go off without a hitch, it’s vital you’re organized and in control from the offset. Make sure to leave plenty of time to get everything arranged, so all you will have to worry about when the occasion arrives is turning up!

From funding the party and picking the right theme to sorting out entertainment and knowing who to invite, we’re confident if you take all our suggestions above onboard, you will have no trouble throwing a fall birthday extravaganza that everyone will enjoy.