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How To Get Rid of Back Fat in Women

Weight loss in women is quite challenging especially for women, who crossed 40 years of age. It is difficult to get rid of body fat as pregnancy and age change the weight loss system of the body. The stubborn areas of the body of the women are belly fat, back fat, and thighs.

It is very hard to reduce back fat in women. When the back bulge around the bra, area it is quite embarrassing. The bulge can be seen in some outfits like swimwear and other dresses that expose your back. It is very difficult to lose fat from one particular region of the body but following some tips will definitely help to reduce the stubborn areas of back fat.

Not only women suffer from stubborn fat problems even youngsters nowadays face a lot of health problems due to obesity. Young teenage girls and adults of all age groups suffer from obesity problems due to the lethargic lifestyles by the invasion of modern technologies. Girls and boys prefer to play video games than outdoor physical games.

Here are the 5 steps to follow to reduce the back fat among women:
1. Healthy Eating

Eating healthy food like fruits and vegetables with minimum carbohydrates, more of protein and less of fats is the key to any weight loss programme.

  • Include more of fiber-rich foods like salads, greens in your diet.
  • Eat brown bread instead of white bread.
  • Drinking green tea regularly will help reduce body fat.
  • Fatty foods like butter, cheese, margarine, mayonnaise can be avoided.
  • Eat nuts as snacks.
  • Follow lean protein diet like low-fat dairy products.eggs, lean meat etc.
2. Exercise

For toning of back fat do cardio one-hour session 5 times a week. Cardiovascular interval exercises also help to lose fat from the back as the heart pumps faster and helps to burn the calorie faster. Two to three minutes break up in between heavy workouts of intense exercise will help burn calorie faster.

One can also try practicing yoga, especially the Surya namaskars is very good for overall health of the body. The heart-pumping yoga routine is ideal for back fat.

One can follow posture improving back exercise and body balancing exercises for getting rid of back fat. Always keep your posture straight. Do not bend your back and neck. Excercise with dumbbells with T raises. Bend your knees and torso parallel to the ground and bring the dumbells to shoulder level parallel to the ground repeating 15 times. It also helps to reduce fat in the back.

3. Pull Ups

One can take the help of stable wall bar for the pull-ups. Hold both the hands on the bar with lifting yourself up till your chin reaches the bar.repeat it for 10 times as it is very hard to do. This exercise helps to tone the upper back.

Arm Plank exercises can also help to get rid of stubborn back fat. Do this exercise for 10 times a day. Do toning of your back muscles with lifting heavy dumbles. The exercise is quite challenging but it tones the muscles of the back and helps to reduce the back fat.

4. Tone the Muscle of the Back with a Good Posture

Tone the back of your muscles with back toning exercises. Always keep your posture straight. Do not bend your back and neck while sitting in front of the computers for long hours as this can lead to more serious health conditions affecting neck and back.

Maintaining good posture is always good for back and neck muscles. you can try placing a book on the head and try walking ten steps with balancing the book on the head without falling. This exercise helps to get good balancing and posture of the back without bending and helps to stand straight without drooping.

5. Correct Fitting Clothing

Do not wear clothing that shows your flaws like bulging fat and belly. Choose the right fitting to cover the flaws of the body. If you feel that the fat is bulging from the bra, choose the next size. One can feel confident and comfortable if you select the right size of clothing that fits you correctly.

When there is a special occasion you can wear smoothing shapewear. This will help you to smooth out any bulges in your body when you select the smooth wear that is designed for you. Try different types of undergarments that are designed to help conceal the bulges.

Source: https://wellmassive.com