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5 Tips to Get Started With Yoga

Are you taking your first steps in the world of yoga? Welcome to the world of inner peace. Yoga will have a great impact on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

But if you are a beginner, you might feel a little bit confused about how to get started with your yoga regimen. To be a real yogi, you must take your practice seriously. Don’t get overwhelmed and take it step by step. This will help you stick to your yoga routine as it becomes an essential part of your life.

Here are 5 important tips that will help you get started with yoga and help you find the best practice for you.

1. Educate yourself:

Invest in CDs and books about the different yoga practices and techniques. This will enable you to learn more about your most favorite poses and how you can master them easily.

It is also advisable to watch different people doing different kinds of yoga until you find a practice that works for you. Don’t stick to a class that doesn’t make you comfortable. It is time to experiment and try until you find what makes your comfortable. This will help you create your routine by picking up the system that best works for you and suits your preferences.

Ask your mentor and discuss the different poses that you find more challenging. You will be able to create your own routine that you are most comfortable with.

2. Stick to a home yoga practice:

This is probably the most important tip for people who are still taking their first steps in the world of yoga.

If you are still a beginner, sticking to yoga classes only is not enough to get the practice into your system. You will feel that you are slowly developing and growing from one class to another.

Creating this special home routine will help you maintain and work on your progress. But practicing yoga at home shouldn’t be taken lightly. Make sure that you are choosing the most significant poses and that you are practicing them for an adequate length of time to find the routine that works for you.

3. Create the right space:

In order to practice yoga at home to improve your technique, you need to pay attention to space and place. Your yoga space should be quiet and peaceful where you can focus on your inner yogi. The place should be away from distractions like loud music and people talking.

Make sure that space has good ventilation and sunlight access. If you have a garden or a porch you might want to choose a place in the shade where you can practice yoga comfortably without getting worn out.

4. Keep a yoga journal:

Your yoga journal is a great chance to record the “wow” moments and the not-so-good ones. By keeping track of your time and practices you will be able to find your points of strength and weakness. This is a great opportunity to know what you should do more and where you need help.

Make a list of the postures that you want to learn and the ones that you can actually do. You can also write down notes and questions about the stuff that you can’t do or understand.

5. Don’t let walls limit you:

Don’t let walls confide you.

  • You don’t have to practice yoga in a studio or at home.
  • You can practice yoga anywhere and everywhere.
  • You can practice your favorite poses on the beach, in the park or in a hotel room.

All you have to do is to make sure that you have the right gear that will allow you to practice yoga whenever and wherever you want to. Pick the best yoga travel mat that you can use anytime away from home. The best yoga travel mat should be foldable so that you can carry it a suitcase or a backpack.

Pick a pilates mat vs yoga mat that can be easily cleaned and will not take forever to dry because this can limit your chances of practicing yoga. Don’t forget packing the right yoga costume and the props. You can even improvise when it comes to the props you will use in different yoga poses.

Following these tips will help you become more self-confident and accordingly better at yoga. You can easily assess your progress and work on your issues. In no time you will see how your body and soul develop when yoga becomes a fundamental practice in your life.