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The best 10 women`s shorts for summer

Shorts for summer are definitely one of your classics must-haves. Shorts are the most comfortable and versatile fashion clothing in your wardrobe, and suits for all ages and body shapes. You can wear shorts from daily casual outfit to formal at office work, and you can style your shorts accordingly to the occasions. Combine shorts with blazers and heels, your favorite tops or shirts, wear them with sandals or sneakers to complete the entire look.

Here are the best 10 shorts styles. Pick your favorite and rock your summer time.

Basic and classic:

A pair of classic shorts is the must have clothing to wear this summer. To be chic and flattering, chose the best basic shorts for you, that you can find in different fabrics and lengths.

1. Tailored Shorts


A pair of tailored shorts brings the elegance and yet casual look for your summer days. Depending on the occasions, you can wear these shorts at work, and combine with heels, blazers and shirts or sneakers for walking in the park.

2. Denim Shorts


Denim shorts are definitely the favorite ones, and whether you are wearing classic denim shorts or cutoffs, you`ll be staying chic for sure. For a flattering look, you can combine the shorts with your favorite top, flat sandals or sneakers.

3. Leather Shorts


Leather shorts are a top trend for several season and still are, so you can create a lot of fun summer looks wearing a pair of these shorts. They are versatile and basic for your classic look.

4. Lace Shorts


For a boho-chic look or simply classic look, these shorts are fabulous for dressing up this summer season. If you want to add an elegant twist you can wear the lace shorts with a shirt or blazer and be ultimately awesome.

5. Tweed Shorts


You can wear tweed shorts made from softer material for the summer hot days. These shorts create a classic look, and you can wear them, especially at work office, but also everywhere like hanging out with your friends at some bar. For a night out, just add some jewelry and you will be ready to stun.

6. Shorts in Black or White


There is nothing more classic than shorts in the timeless colors of black and white. Even in summer, you can be yet elegant wearing shorts in black or white. Keep it simple and add your favorite piece of jewelry for a more stylish touch.

Striking with details:

To add a little bit of girly-edgy vibe to your summer look, bring some chic details on your basic shorts or chose a metallic, vibrant shade of neon, or colorful tie-dye shorts.

7. Metallic Shorts


Metallic shorts can be extremely gorgeous to wear and you can consider metallic`s to be neutral, so they mix and match well with white shirt or white top and everything less sparkling and glossy.

8. Shorts in Neon


Do not be hesitant to wear neon shorts this summer, just make sure you can balance it with neutral colors. Nowadays, you can wear shorts in neon colors everywhere you want.

9. Colorful Tie-dyed Shorts


Tie-dyed shorts have been popular for the past few seasons, and they are the hottest way to look stunning this summer. And you can also transform an old pair of jeans into a chic new outfit, using DIY fashion.

10. Printed Shorts Ideas


There are countless prints out there to choose from floral, animal, and tribal-ethnic prints as the most favorites. Printed shorts are the best clothing for gorgeous street fashion outfits.

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