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Top 10 must have shoes for summer 2014

From bright color slinky sandals to exotic espadrilles, are the fashion details that count for this summer shoes trend for women.

Shoes are the most reachable way into the new season trends. If you cannot afford the Burberry lace twin-sets or the Mulberry short suits, for sure you can be able to have a pair of trendy vinyl sandals or platform heels.

Your new season wardrobe starts here with the top 10 must have shoes for summer 2014.

Ankle Strap Sandals


These sexy sandals were also trendy last summer, but they are also number one having trending big time this summer. You can literally combine with every fashion combination of everyday style to night evening dinner style.

Ankle Strap Flats


Ankle strap flats are a big welcome relief for summer 2014. If you are tired of wearing towering platforms or high heels, these flats are very comfortable and you can easily combine with pants or skirts. Read more How To Reduce the Pain of wearing High Heel Shoes



If you look for the mystical perfection in high heels, then stiletto shoes are the best choice for every woman. Stiletto style shoes are one of the most known styles, with longstanding respect and one of the supreme fashion style shoes in the fashion industry. You can wear them literally every summer season and make any woman`s outfit look absolutely trendy.

Platform Sandals


Platform sandals are still trendy for the new summer season. They can be comfortable and gorgeous at the same time. Be casual chic in platform sandals in variety styles.

Vinyl Sandals


Gorgeous vinyl sandals in bright colors will be absolutely perfect for these summer season. You can also accessorize your summer outfit with that lovely golden tan you’re going to have, so start saving to buy a pair of vinyl sandal.

Lace-up Sandals


If you want a real fashion party of luxury and fashion at your feet, the lace-up sandals will be perfect for this summer.  Varieties of lace-up heels are very hot and on trend.

Gladiator Sandals


Thin or a little thick soled sandals made of thousands straps that cover the feet to the ankles or even higher to the knees are very trendy to wear this summer if you want to walk longer and looking very chic. You can choose the ordinary black ones for any occasion the nude ones that elongate your legs or colored ones to be fancy any time. Gladiators Heels are also very trendy.

Birkenstock shoes


Birkenstock are specially designed for the natural shape of the foot to allow free movement and support. Besides, they are great healthy choice and also trendy for these summer season. Many celebrities are wearing Birkenstocks within their daily casual style.



The shoes of the summer, espadrilles are the most comfortable casual cool shoes. If you are one of the casual, relaxed, laid back, by-the-beach look girl, then the espadrilles are the best choice for you.



Finally, everyone needs a pair of sneakers for this summer. Pick your favorite sneakers and pair it with anything that cross in your mind from jeans to dresses. They are no longer only gym or sportswear, so bring the bright style this summer with the massive sneakers hit.

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