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How To Reduce The Pain of Wearing High Heel Shoes

It is impossible to find a woman, who is not in love with shoes. High heel shoes make every woman look more beautiful and more feminine.

High heel shoes are women’s best friends, making your body slim, and making your casual outfit more chic and sophisticated. But, besides the so many positive sides of wearing high heels, there is one thing we shouldn’t ignore, the bad feeling and pain in your feet at the end of the day.


Here are some advice how to prevent sore feet as a result of a wearing high heels whole evening.

Always have in mind that exaggeration is not a good price to pay, even you look amazing in those high heels. You may have health problems in the future.

Avoid wearing shoes during your pregnancy. Restrict wearing high heels for occasions that requires it.

Choose shoes models with soft upper and a firm foundation. Well-fitted shoes will make suffer less.

Remember that high heels doesn`t mean always a size 12.

You can wear wedge heels in some occasions (walking at the shopping mall), and they can give you few inches in height and more comfort.

Wearing chunky heels gives more stability also.

There are some little tricks that can help you reduce any discomfort related of wearing high heels. Wearing latex insoles provide great adaptability and extra comfort for all day wear.

After a long day or evening spent in high heels shoes, prepare yourself a foot bath with salt and vinegar to restore the blood circulation. Soft massage is also a good solution to reduce the pain.

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