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Which kind of shoes suits you best according to your body

When it comes to finding the best shoes for your body type, here are some advice to make the choice easier.

High heels


High heels shoes are ideal for slim and also tall women. You should stick to the basics in this case: if you are slim, than your heel should be slim as well. Shoes with high heels are excellent also for those women who have slim ankles, but if you have stronger legs, then you should avoid slim high heels because your legs will look fat.



Shoes with platforms are ideal choice for girls with strong legs and wide ankles. Every girl in these king of shoes will look taller and slimmer. Therefore, the shoes with platform is a perfect choice for short girls.

Ordinary shoes


If you like your feet to look wider, then you should decide to wear these kind of shoes. They can be found in different colors and with different sizes in the heels so any girl can find the best choice for herself.

Slim shoes


The thinner shoes are perfect choice for girls with stronger legs, because of their purpose which is lesser closing the leg. If you have slim ankles, this pair of shoes are the right choice for you because the legs look more beautiful.



The winter shoes are perfect choice for anyone. Only short and strong girls should not to buy tall shoes which will make their legs look shorter than usual. Ideal length of this boots is to be a little below the knees.