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6 Most Long-Lasting Flowers to Decorate Your Home

Decorating a home is one of the best things about having a place of your own. While there are many ways to add some style and comfort to your home, one of the best is with flowers. They look good in any space, smell incredible, and bring a sense of natural brightness and beauty to your space.

They are also affordable, and relatively easy to find, no matter where you are. There is even a flower subscription that allows you to get your favorite flowers delivered right to your door, every month.

The one potential drawback to some flowers is that they simply don’t last very long. Some start to show their age after a few days, and need to be switched out for new flowers sooner rather than later. But thankfully, that isn’t always the case. There are plenty of flowers that can last longer than you’d expect, and still look wonderful. Keep in mind that cutting flowers will almost always decrease their lifespan vs. keeping them in a garden or pot.

Without any further ado, let’s go over some of the longest-lasting flowers that you can use to decorate your home.


Orchids are without a doubt one of the most sleek, slender, and beautiful flowers on the market. Their long stems and detailed blooms are beautiful, and they come in many different colors, with white or purple arguably being the most popular. They can make a perfect centerpiece to a table, can help bring a sense of beauty and calmness to an office, or simply look wonderful on a mantle in your living room.

Orchids are also very easy to take care of, as they don’t need a ton of water to look great and thrive. In addition to looking great and being easy to care for, orchids can also last a very long time. Some can last as long as two months if they are taken care of and kept in a place that suits them.


Another long-lasting flower that you can use to decorate your home is the chrysanthemum. When planted in your garden or kept in a pot, these flowers can continue to bloom for anywhere from four to eight weeks.

These are a readily available and popular flower that can be found in a variety of bright, happy, and cheerful colors. These can add a nice pop of color in a neutral room, or can fit with the existing theme in a space with ease. Even if you cut these flowers and put them in water, they will still last for a long time before showing signs of age in most cases, as long as their water is kept fresh and they are trimmed often.


If you want a gorgeous flower that can truly stand the test of time, consider Dahlias. When pruned properly and kept in the right situation, these flowers can look beautiful for months and months in a row. If you are going to cut them, be sure to cut them once the buds are open, as they will not open after they have been cut.

Dahlias are beloved for their full and eye-catching shape, and the beautiful shades that they can be found in. They come in many colors that range from very bright, to neutral, to even two-toned. They are a classically beautiful bloom, and one that will certainly help your home look more lively and positive.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are a favorite amongst many people, and it’s easy to see why. These flowers have a very unique tubular shape and look, and are sure to turn heads and demand attention wherever they are placed. They come in an assortment of colors, so you can be sure that they will be able to fit with the decor that currently exists in your home.

They are quite delicate, however, so be careful when handling and transporting the flowers, if at all possible. Perhaps the best part of this flower is that even if you aren’t the best at caring for plants and flowers, they can still thrive. Even with a bit of neglect and forgetting to water or trim stems from time to time, this flower can still last for weeks (or many days if they are cut), making it one of the most resilient options out there.


If you want to decorate your living room with plants, another option to consider are alstroemerias. They are an incredibly versatile flower, that come in many different colors and as such, look great in any room of your home. This species of lily is exceptionally vibrant, and is often freckled or streaked, which provides a look that really separates it from other flowers.

This flower is particularly hardy as a cut flower, as it can last and look amazing for weeks at a time. Of course, this type of lifespan requires you to remove fading blooms from the stem, and ensure that you replace their water often, as they absorb a lot.


Last, but certainly not least are freesias. This delicate and cheerful flower will blend in and improve the look of any space, without distracting too much from the rest of the room. This subtle-looking flower comes in many colors and is sure to put a smile on your face as soon as you see them. Handle them with care, as they are delicate and damaging the blooms is unfortunately quite easy.

These flowers also have a fresh and strong citrus scent that can fill your home, too. Even after being cut, these flowers can often survive, thrive, and continue to smell great for nearly two weeks in a vase.

Any of these flowers can make a beautiful and long-lasting addition to the decor of your home. Be sure to experiment with different flowers in different rooms and locations to get a better sense of what you like, and what you think looks the best.