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Home Decor Ideas to Add Style and Comfort

Decorating your home should be a joyous and creative experience. However, you may not know what to add to your home during the interior design process. There are a few tips below that explain what you can bring style and comfort into your living spaces. Apply these tips to your bathroom, kitchen, living room, office, and bedroom to make your home feel inviting.

Add Some Area Rugs

Adding area rugs to the house helps cover space that would otherwise be left bare. Homes with hardwood floors need a few rugs because bare hardwood floors tend to make the house look and feel cavernous. You might put an area rug under your coffee table, under each side table, and large furniture pieces.

Lay a runner in the middle of your entryway, or add a rug to the middle of the kitchen. You might place rugs along the sides of your bed, and you can put a rug in each bathroom. Rugs add color to the room, and oriental rugs add a design quality that you cannot get from standard carpet.

Oriental rugs are the most ornate rugs in the industry, and they look like art pieces when they sit in each room. Consider how an Oriental rug might work with the design of your home. Oriental rugs might be the most intricate design in your living room, so make sure you pick a piece that is worth the attention.

Use Rugs to Connect Rooms or Furniture

You can connect furniture or rooms by creating pathways from one to the other. For example, you may place a rug along the side of your bed. Another rug might run from the bedroom into the bathroom, and you might even have another rug in the middle of the bathroom.

You can use runners to guide guests from the living room to the kitchen, and you could place runners in small hallways around the house.

Use Soft Lighting

Soft lighting adds a bit of ambiance to the house. You do not want to blind people who enter your home with bright blue lighting. Plus, you do not want to use so much light that it feels draining to sit in the house.

Soft lighting makes it easier to read, and recessed lighting helps make the rooms feel more modern. Plus, modern lighting such as picture lights uses less energy with the help of LED bulbs and modern fixtures. An LED bulb will last for a very long time, and you will not spend as much money on power bills every month.

Paint an Accent Wall

Paint an accent wall in every room. This will add a complementary color to every room that will draw the attention of your guests. An accent wall adds a bit of character to each room, and you can add lively colors to each room without drowning out other decorations.

For example, you do not want to paint an entire room red even though that is your favorite color. However, an accent wall that includes bookshelves or trinkets looks nice when it has a vibrant colored background. An accent wall might even consist of stripes or block colors. Plus, you can add stenciling, words, or poetry where appropriate.

Add a Few Accessories

You should add accessories to the house that make your home look interesting. Hang art that you like, add trinkets like pottery to the house, or include crystal figurines in cases around the house. You can display your china in a dining room cabinet, or you can add a nice backsplash to the kitchen and bathrooms to make each room look unique.


Home decor ideas help you make your home feel special. You may have a common floor plan for your home, but your home will not look like the other houses in the neighborhood. Plus, you can add unique accent pieces to the home that will interest all your guests.