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5 Foods to Lower Your Blood Sugar

High levels of blood sugar can be problematic. It is a major concern, and quite a lot of people are suffering from high blood sugar level worldwide. Not only does it cause damage to your nerves, organs and blood vessels, but also lead to other more serious conditions if left untreated.

The initial signs of high blood sugar level or hyperglycemia include increased thirst, random headaches, reduced concentration levels, blurry vision, weight loss, and fatigue. If left unattended, the symptoms can turn severe, leading to skin infections, slowed down healing, severely reduced vision, stomach or intestinal problems and damage to nerves, blood vessels or kidneys.

Considering how dangerous high blood sugar level can be, it should be regularly tested, and if the blood sugar is above the normal levels, the treatment should be started immediately. You can consult any blood sugar chart to check if your blood sugar level is normal or not.

While you’ll need proper treatment in case your blood sugar level exceeds the average level, you can prevent the situation from becoming worse by changing your diet to foods that reduce/control the blood sugar level.

Here’s a list of foods that you can add to your daily diet to lower your blood sugar level.


Contrary to common beliefs about Avocados containing high levels of fat content, Avocados are suitable for people suffering from high blood sugar levels. The monounsaturated fat contained in Avocados reduces the release of sugars into the bloodstream, resulting in lower blood sugar level.


Cinnamon is said to help diabetic patients by slowing down the sugar absorption and causing muscle and liver cells to respond to insulin even faster. It will result in better blood sugar balance.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a cure without any side effects. Green tea is loaded with several nutrients and antioxidants and is quite healthy for our body. It contributes to preventing a lot of diseases in their initial stages.

Apart from its other benefits, Green tea is also suitable for diabetic patients.

The compounds contained in green tea are beneficial for metabolic and regular consumption by someone reduces their chances of becoming diabetic. With no side effects and several other health benefits, people with high levels of blood sugar can add this to their daily diet.


Garlic is another suitable food that helps manage blood sugar. As per several reports, garlic is capable of reducing your blood sugar level when you haven’t eaten. Garlic is free from any carbohydrates hence won’t increase the blood sugar by any chance hence consuming garlic can be fruitful for diabetic patients.


Pure, raw and unsweetened cocoa can be extremely useful for diabetic patients. Cocoa seeds contain high levels of antioxidants and a flavone known as epicatechin, leading to a regulated glucose production. The compounds and antioxidants contained in cocoa activate some essential proteins, resulting in a regulated glucose production. Overall, it improves insulin resistance, blood pressure, and blood sugar regulation. It can help stabilize the blood sugar to a significant extent.