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10 Ways To Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Motherhood is a beautiful phase in life. Maternity has evolved over the years. Earlier women used to completely disappear from the public eye till the baby was welcomed into the world. Now-a-days you can clearly see stylish and bedazzling baby bumps dominating the social feeds. Young mothers are not shying away from sporting their pregnancy glow in professional setups as well. Although changing hormone levels, growing baby bump, midnight cravings, morning sickness, and constantly being on a emotional rollercoaster ride can get stressful. But there are numerous innovative ways to embrace motherhood with panache.

Given below are 10 unique ways to enjoy your pregnancy:

1. Go on a vacation

It’s the perfect time to pack the bags and hang out on a secluded beach. Excellent way to spend quality time with your partner before the baby gives sleepless nights. Make a bucket list of all the places you ever wanted to visit and tick them down one-by-one. Maybe you can gather your girl gang and go off on a destination themed baby shower. It is a great way to bond with near and dear ones and also have plenty of photogenic memories to show to your precious baby years later.

2. Do a Fashion Photo Shoot

Be the fashionable mamma on the block and shoot a voguish portfolio. Hire a professional photographer and play dress up with that baby bump. Try out daring outfits that you have only imagined in your dreams, steal various looks from celebrities. Pose, pout, and look glamorous. After all, it’s time to celebrate a new life. You can also film your phase beautifully with a professional video maker or do it yourself. Be the star and have happy memories for life.

3. Join a Hobby class

Love baking? Nice way to hone those skills during maternity. Try out vegan or gluten-free cooking classes. Will help you maintain the weight and gorge on healthy snacks at the same time. Maybe you always wanted to change your competitive career and pursue your dreams. This is the perfect time to explore hidden talents and try out new ideas to engage in quality activities before the due date.

4. Earn Extra Income

Lots of women are retaining their career during pregnancy. But all those resting mammas who want to earn extra cash can try various work-from-home options. Starting a blog about the soon to be mommy journey is an enlightening way to reach out to new parents. Writing a book is also not that stressful. Being a virtual office assistant can also be another competitive option to earn extra income from home. It is advisable to take the doctor’s and family opinion before venturing into any online career during maternity.


5. Signing up for Yoga/Prenatal classes

Practicing yoga or exercises during pregnancy not only helps in being fit, but also promotes well-being of both mother and baby. It is also a novel way to share pregnancy tips and find support from other expecting moms. Signing up for prenatal classes is also an idealistic way to be prepared for labour, birth, and parenthood.

6. Design the Nursery

Put your interior skills to use and design a pretty nursery. Look up on the internet and create a mood board to choose a suitable theme. Decorate it with child-friendly furniture. Planning the decor early will keep you active and give to you considerable period to set up a flawless nursery just in time for the baby.

7. Pamper Yourself

Before you start changing diapers like clockwork, take a break and indulge in yourself. Get a spa appointment go for relaxing full body massages. Book a salon treatment at home get dolled up with facials, manicures, and pedicures. Most important get enough beauty sleep, buy the best pregnancy pillow to feel comfortable while sleeping. It is your time to relax and enjoy the fine things in life. Go out on romantic dates and pamper yourself with maternity shopping. Planning ladies night out with close friends is also a good way to keep yourself happy.

8. Spending alone time with the baby

Mother and child is a special bond and spending some quality time with the unborn baby will strengthen the connection. Listening to soothing music while softly talking with the little one will grow the relationship. Reading your favourite children’s book, being spiritually inclined will develop the foetal growth.

9. Focus on the positive

Skip the anxiety of comparing yourself with other expecting mothers and stay away from the negative gossips of relatives who try to bombard various theories about pregnancies. Stay positive, happy, and focused. Follow a healthy diet and maintain an optimistic lifestyle.

10. Download Pregnancy Apps

If you are tech savvy and love to keep track of the growing bump then there are various pregnancy apps that can help monitor the growth of the baby. Apps like Totally Pregnant, The Bump, Glow Nuture, and Ovial Pregnancy Tracker provide daily dose of tips, vlogs, mother-to-be communities, food guides, baby development, and other important maternity features that keep you up-to-date.

Expecting mothers today want to break all stereotypes and march ahead with the changing times. Instead of stressing over the fact of being pregnant explore the fun side of it. Modern motherhood is here to stay, it is a new way to flaunt that cute bump and celebrate the beginning of a new life.