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What Do Pregnant Women Dream About?

Pregnant women dream from happy events up to terrible nightmares. Although all people dream, pregnant women have more vivid dreams due to more intensive emotions such as bringing a new life into this world. Pregnant women have all sorts of dreams and they remember most of them because of the back pain or the baby movement that wakes them up in the middle of the night.

The bizarre dreams don’t connect with the reality but rather are a reflection of the concerns and dilemmas of the future mommies.

what-do-pregnant-women-dream-about-1Here are some of the most frequent dreams:

Loosing your baby 

This dream is most frequent during the first trimester. Other people’s bad experience and horror stories make frighten new mothers. Your subconscious is active and you usually imagine the worst case scenario. On the other hand, the mother becomes more aware that her body is changing and forming a new life and it’s ready to protect that life.

Dreams that include water

We all know that the baby is surrounded by water and a woman’s body is full with liquids so it’s not that weird that pregnant ladies dream about water and water creatures. When you dream that you’re swimming in water, that means you want to connect with your baby. In your second or third trimester, these water dreams become more intensive. For example, if you’re dreaming big waves or that you’re drowning, that symbolizes the water breaking.

Getting the baby out of your belly and then putting it in again

This dream is very frequent, and mainly in women that have experienced loss and a miscarriage. This dream reflects your concerns about your baby’s health. The mother just wants to check that everything is doing great, then he puts the baby back in her stomach and waits for the delivery. This dream can also mean that the mother has the desire to see how her baby looks like.

Giving birth to an animal

For most women, taking care of a pet is the closest to motherhood. This dream means that the women are concerned about the baby’s well being. This dream is like a test that reflects women’s fear, how is she going to do with the challenge of taking care of a newborn.

Giving birth to twins or a triplet

Pregnant women that only carry one baby, often dream about giving birth to twins or triplets. This dream reflects the fear and the concerns that maybe the baby will take a lot of work and that the woman can not manage everything( and it will feel like she has 2 or 3 babies).


Driving a bus or a truck/ building

Driving a vehicle is a symbol of how you move through life. If you’re driving a bus or a truck, that means that you’re aware of the changes that are happening in your body. Pregnant women often have dreams about buildings that are still being built, that symbolizes the growth of the baby in your stomach.

Infidelity from your partner

Experts say there’s no need to worry. Pregnant women are more vulnerable and expect more support and care from their partner. This dream can also mean that the future mother is insecure about her new body and feels less attractive. Experts say it’s good to talk about  these dreams with your partner and to confront your fears.

Dreams about your ex-boyfriend

Dreaming about your ex boyfriend doesn’t mean that you want him back. This dream reflects women’s worries about their new role in life and the responsibilities. It’s possible that the pregnant woman is feeling trapped and she goes back to the past where everything was easier and more simple.

Being naked in public

This dream is more frequent in women that feel more vulnerable and are more nervous about the big change in their life and the fact that they’re entering an unknown territory. Although everyone around her thinks she’s ready, she’s not that sure.


Preterm birth

Pregnant women who dream about giving preterm birth are concerned that they’ll not be able to control the birth. Experts say these dreams are more frequent in women that always need to be in control.

Uncut umbilical cord

This is a pretty terrifying dream and reflects concerns – what if anything goes wrong in the last minute, while giving birth?

Taken/Stolen baby

Loss of control and helplessness is what hides in the core of this dream. Future mothers are concerned that despite all the effort during the pregnancy, something or someone can cause complications.

Forgotten baby

The fear of forgetting your baby in the bath tub, in your car or in the mall is something that pregnant women dream about. The good news is that mainly well-organized  people who rarely forget anything have this dream. This dream can also symbolize the anticipation or the small panic attack right before giving birth.

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