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What Types of Exercise Every Pregnant Woman Should Avoid?

Exercising during pregnancy has plenty of positive effects, but there are exercises that you should avoid in order to stay a healthy mother with a healthy child.

Here we show 8 ways of exercising, the future mothers should avoid.


1. Don’t do exercises to lose weight. It depends on your pre pregnancy weight and how much you can expect to gain in the same period. You must avoid exercises for calorie burning in the period of pregnancy. A useful tip for maintaining a nice weight is a healthy diet which will keep you and your baby in good shape.

2. Rough sports are a “must” avoid the way of sporting while you are in the blessed period. Some rough kick in the stomach can cause real damage to you and your baby.

3. You should also avoid balancing sports like skiing, snowboarding or riding bike. These kind of sports are problematic to balance the body without causing pressure on your big belly.

4. Mothers must not overdo any exercise to the point of exhaustion because it can reduce blood flow to your uterus.

5. Jumping and bouncing sports like kickboxing, aerobics or cross fit is very risky for a pregnant woman because your joints may get loose during pregnancy and that elevates the risk of injury.

6. Future mothers should avoid too much heat and especially on summer days you should avoid the heated gyms or working outdoors in the hot sun. The cool morning is a winning situation for women in this period.

7. Avoid exercises which include lying on your back like yoga, crunches or something like this. Even though they are not intense and lying on your back is comfortable, but as your uterus gets heavier it can cause reduced of blood circulation in your legs and feet, which affect negatively to your baby.

8. Mountain climbing even it is one of the healthiest sports, in the period of pregnancy, every pregnant woman should avoid this kind of high altitude exercises.