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12 captivating facts about a baby

From the very beginning, the moment he was born, your baby can do so much that you are even not aware of what he is capable of. Babies are biggest happiness and they can show you their brilliance and surprise you anytime.


  1. Your baby is born with very sophisticated hearing and also recognizes the voice of the mother.
  2. Even newborn babies can distinguish different objects. They can make the difference between one, two, three and more objects. Babies also can notice if something is missing and will surprisingly make a facial express.
  3. Your baby is ready to smile from the moment he is born. Even the babies who are born blind also smile, so it’s not just copying from his surroundings.
  4. Your baby is very sensitive to temperature. When a baby is cool, will move around more and when he is warm will lie as if sunbathing, with arms and legs flung out. That is how you will notice if the baby is cold or warm, and dress it properly to be comfortable.
  5. The baby`s sense of smell is very well developed, and he will use it to get you know better in the first week. To help him with exploring, avoid strong odors at home or strong perfumes.
  6. Your baby can do the so called “motherese“with you, which is actually a low rhythm of speech to attract any attention around him, and babies also are trying to imitate your voice.12-captivating-facts-about-a-baby-2
  7. At the birth it takes 5 to 10 minutes for your baby to get used to something new. After three months it takes 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and after 6 months, your baby will adjust to anything new in less than 30sec.
  8. Every baby even in your stomach can feel the way you feel. For example, the baby can become more active when mommy listens a music she likes. Even, the baby cannot hear the music he is responding to mommy`s emotional responses to the music.
  9. The touch is most developed sense of your baby. Your baby’s sense of touch develops from head to toe,  but the mouth is the first region to become more sensitive than other parts, so that is why babies put everything in their mouths.
  10. Your newborn baby knows every trick to attract you to fall in love with him for entire life. The first trick is when the baby actually makes his pupils wider making a sign that you are attractive and want the same back from you.
  11. In the first three months of life, your baby can see objects at 22 cm away from him. This is actually the distance between your face and his, when feeding.
  12. In the first year, the baby brain will double to become half of its final size.