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Why UPVC Windows Are the Best

Any Australian homeowner who is looking to replace their windows would quickly realise that UPVC is the ideal material, and you only have to take a look around to see how popular they are. Bespoke solutions ensure a perfect fit every time and you get to choose the opening styles, of which there are many, and double glazing means huge energy savings, both in summer and winter, as the units provide optimum thermal insulation.

Built to Last

Expect a minimum of 10 years warranty when you install the best UPVC windows from a local supplier, and such is their make-up, there is little that can go wrong. The UPVC finish is guaranteed not to fade, crack or peel and can handle the harsh Australian climate with ease, while toughened safety glass is used as standard in the industry. UPVC windows truly are a fit and forget solution, and are much preferred to aluminium, which suffers from condensation.

Style & Elegance

The styles are many, with Tudor, Georgian and diamond leaded lights all popular choices, and with an expert paying you a home visit, you can discuss the many design and finish options. An online search will put you in touch with a local window company and with their help, you can come up with a design that complements the property. Faux timber grain finish is available if your home has a rustic appearance, which is a very popular choice among Australian homeowners, as it blends in perfectly in a timber-based property.

Maintenance Free

UPVC is a wonder material that requires nothing more than a damp cloth to keep it looking like new, and for many homeowners, that is reason enough to go for UPVC, and you can also have your wooden fencing replaced with PVC, which is yet another maintenance task ticked off.

Zero Condensation

UPVC is preferred to aluminium as there is zero condensation, which is yet another plus for UPVC solutions, and with a 20mm gap, the hermetically sealed units offer great thermal and sound insulation. In the event a sealed unit needed to be replaced, it is a very straightforward process, as the glazed units are held in by neoprene seals that can be removed.

Top Notch Security

The burglars are well aware of just how hard it is to force entry through a UPVC double glazed window, and if an opportunist thief saw the windows in your home, he would simply look for an unprotected property, of which there are many. All openings have special locks to ensure that no one can gain unauthorised access, and installing UPVC windows is sending the right message to any would-be intruder. There’s no need for costly security alarms or CCTV when you have UPVC windows and doors, as all access points are covered, besides, it is much easier to simply find another target.

If you would like to explore the potential that UPVC windows offer, a Google search will help you locate a nearby supplier and you can take the first steps to transforming your property with state-of-the-art windows.