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Ways to Avoid Spending Too Much When Buying Into Exercise

Getting into great shape does not require you to buy into the latest fitness trends which often do not work.

Early Days Of Exercise Culture

Not too long ago, doctors and physical educators discouraged participation of middle and upper class women in activities deemed overly strenuous—fearing damage to the uterus or ovaries, which the medical community believed was the origin of all womanly illnesses. Health and exercise contraptions that made female socialites sweat were considered unwomanly, taboo and low status.


Contemporary Fitness Trends

Now that the benefits of exercise have been established, the media bombards women and everyone else within earshot of the trendiest fitness gadgets along with promises of a healthier, firmer, more youthful and attractive new you.

To sell a product, advertisers often display extremely fit models to persuade the general public that a particular training apparatus, method or supplement is all it takes to achieve a great physique. An example is the Suzanne Somers Toning System. The manufacturers claim their system offers a complete body workout in about ten minutes.

The trouble with such claims is they fail to consider the Principle Of Individual Differences. In other words, the Toning System may have produced exceptional results for Ms. Somers, but it may not produce similar results for you. Most likely the fit models in the ads have great genetics and they also incorporate additional strategies into their training methods.

When consumers take time out to decode marketing schemes, more money is potentially saved for fitness items better suited to deliver results. Advertisers are not bad guys. Most are simply trying to turn profits like any business must to remain afloat. However, when it come to selling fitness, advertising messages often cause confusion and impulsive purchases of unneeded gizmos that end up not serving the purpose it was intended.

There are companies, both big and small, that do offer innovative products that are scientifically grounded and capable of delivering results. Unfortunately, smaller companies tend to have more modest advertising budgets causing their products to be less recognizable. For example, Power Systems offers a range of exceptional fitness equipment to meet different training goals, but they generally don’t use expensive ad campaigns to launch products.


Determining Which Health And Fitness Products Are Best For Your Workouts

There are fitness tools that work. A key to finding these products is to delay the urge of “immediate gratification.” There are no shortcuts to getting fit. Finding products or gadgets most suitable for individual trainees require learning about what works for your unique body.

Finding the right products is not difficult although it does take time. Research and compare. Don’t buy on impulse. And before purchasing fitness products ask yourself, “Will I use this item consistently and not lose motivation?”

Novice and advanced trainees wanting to learn more about exercise equipment should get a copy of Home Fitness: Designing Your Own Home Gym And Workout Plan written by Exercise Physiologist Suzanne Falaschetti. The book contains step-by-step tips on selecting suitable equipment for trainees at different levels of expertise.

Additionally, it’s wise to keep current by reading periodicals like Muscle And Fitness or Fitness Rx, which offer a wealth of useful tips and the latest scientific information on exercise. Health care professionals are also useful sources of information.

When buying into fitness, a little knowledge goes a long way. Finding suitable fitness items mean trainees mustn’t be motivated solely by advertising gimmicks designed to stir emotions. The object of improving health and getting into shape involves sticking to the basics while selecting products that provide usefulness, safety and motivation to keep your training consistent.