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Top 7 Foods to Avoid if You’re Looking to Stay in Good Shape

It’s a sad fact that food which is so appealing and seductive can actually be harmful to your body goals. Those foods discussed here are all of a healthy nature.

If it comes down to making a choice between foods that are potentially damaging and those that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle, which will you go for? A delicious bowl of ice cream or a slim body?

At any rate, as you’re here, this means you’re wanting to learn how to maintain a good shape or lose a few pounds through the right kind of diet. So, here are seven foods you might want to avoid if you’re looking after your figure. Some you will need to avoid totally, whereas others you’ll have to reduce your intake markedly

1. Rice

Rice can lead to gain weight, so you’ll need to avoid it – and this includes rice crackers. Rice is loaded with calories; with just one serving, you’ll take on board lots of carbs too. A single cup of cooked rice will have you battling over 43 grams of carbs and 190 calories. Rice crackers are even worse, as they contain merely calories without any other nutrients. If you’re going to eat a moderate amount as part of your diet, make sure you have a routine workout to offset this.

2. Quinoa

Quinoa is highly nutritious, containing amino acids for muscle development and to fight off of diseases. For this reason, it is difficult to totally avoid them. However, you should know that they are packed with calories – the same amount as pasta, which you should also avoid. A cup of quinoa contains 222 calories, which only brown rice (with 218) comes close to. With all its health benefits – especially the various types of proteins – you probably needn’t avoid it altogether, but monitor your intake carefully nevertheless.

3. Raisins

Don’t let looks deceive you. Raisins are calorie Just a small portion can lead to you being out of shape. They are as packed with nutrients as they are calories, but you should definitely avoid eating them frequently. A quarter cup of raisins contains 100 calories.

4. Peanut butter

Peanut butter in itself will not make you fat. In fact, it is highly nutritious and helps fight heart disease. However, this is only if you consume it in moderation. Anything more than this will have you needing to burn off excess They are calorie dense, with just one serving containing roughly 200 calories. Unlike quinoa, peanut butter contains only about 8 grams of protein per serving; therefore, as a protein source, it is left wanting.

5. Milk

Condensed milk isn’t generally so good for your health, as it is boiled at a very high temperature. In particular, brown fat levels and calorie content are a worry. A tablespoonful of condensed milk contains 62 calories and is high in sugar. As an alternative, you should try fat- free milk or consume only very small portions of condensed milk. You’ll find it listed in the recipes of many dishes for its creamy smooth taste. So, discover ways to sneak it out of those recipes by finding alternatives or reducing the amount of dishes you consume that contains condensed milk. You can also reduce any adverse effects on your body by using Lectin Shield.

6. Beef liver

Beef liver is packed with zinc and protein – both of which are nutritious. However, you should avoid it, because it’s also loaded with calories. A single serving of beef liver (roughly 3 ounces) contains 162 calories, while the average single serving contains 512 calories. This is not all you have to worry about with beef liver, as it is high in cholesterol, which should make it a ‘no-no’ if you’re looking to maintain a good shape.

7. Olive oil

While olive oil is very nutritious, it is high in calories. It’s found in the recipes of many dishes, so it can be easy to lose track of your olive oil intake. A single tablespoon of olive oil contains 119 calories.