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The Last Month Of Pregnancy – Preparing For The Road Ahead

Pregnancy is a time with many so changes and constant adjustments. One of the biggest adjustments is going from being pregnant to being a mother. Towards the end of pregnancy, you start thinking more and more about what’s to come and this is a great time to reach out to Nutricia Careline for parenting advice if you have any questions. Understanding what is coming next can ease the anxiety you feel and boost confidence in your parenting skills.

During the last month, you might feel like you will be pregnant forever and the due date is never going to come. It is not uncommon for women to look forward to giving birth yet feel anxious about it at the same time.

Continue reading to find out how you can make the most of your last month of pregnancy and prepare for becoming a parent.

Learn About New Born Baby Care And Rest Up

You’ve probably done a fair amount of reading on baby care already. If you haven’t there is no better time than the third trimester to prepare for the new arrival. Once the baby comes you won’t have much time for reading and research and you’ll have to simply learn on the job. Studies have shown that working into late pregnancy can actually be harmful to the baby. So now is the time stop working and rest up, if you haven’t already.

Focus On Positive Stories

You’ll need encouragement and support for what’s to come. The road ahead can be challenging, but don’t start preparing for a horrible experience just because others have had one. Protect yourself from negative birthing stories that are traumatic and oftentimes rare. Instead, focus on the stories of women who’ve had positive birthing experiences. When you do look for information, make sure to include the word “positive” in any search you do online.

Write A Diary With Pregnancy Experiences

If you haven’t started writing a pregnancy diary before now, you can focus on events, thoughts and feelings you are experiencing in your last month of pregnancy. Just imagine how special it will be to one day share the memories of being pregnant with him/her with your adult child! Maybe you can give them this diary when they’re expecting their own children.

Prepare And Organise

It is not uncommon to spontaneously start clearing out the closets, tossing stuff out, cleaning the house and stocking up on the essentials during your last month of pregnancy. This “nesting” process can be beneficial as you’ll be organised and it will save you time on trips to the shops and tidying up later when your time will be more precious and better spent catching some Z’s. You should definitely start assembling all the baby gear and equipment now. Things like strollers and carry chairs can be awkward to put together and it’s better to get it done now than trying to do it in a sleep-deprived state.

Think About The Important Choices

When you find you have some extra time, think about the important decisions you will have to make and discuss them with your partner. Who will come to visit in the hospital? Do you want to welcome your child to the world with a religious ceremony like a christening? Would you want to have a baby boy circumcised? Will you be a stay at home, full-time or part-time mum? These are all important decisions to make and now is the time to start thinking about them.

Find Your Own Way

Every mum-to-be is concerned about so many things in the last month and fears are inevitable, especially if it’s your first child. “How will the birth go?”, “Will the baby be okay?”, “Will I be a good mother?”. All these thoughts will go round and round in your head. Talking to other mothers can help you feel less alone. You can learn how they are handling the issues and ultimately figure out your own approach to the challenges of motherhood.

Keeping busy in the last month can help alleviate some of the worries. By being prepared and organised you’ll stay positive and be ready to welcome your new arrival into the world with open arms!