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Morning Banana Diet: Start Your Day With a Banana and Warm Water

The founder of this fantastic breakfast consisted of 1 banana and a glass of warm water (room-temperature water) claims that this breakfast can help you lose weight no matter what you eat during the day.

The “Morning Banana Diet” is really simple and easy. This diet works because bananas improve digestion and speeds up your metabolism. Bananas have high nutritional values, they digest longer and they partially block the absorption of carbohydrates.

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If you decide to try this diet, we recommend you not to have dinner after 8 p.m. and avoid desserts. Remember to always use fresh bananas.


An Example for Your Daily Menu:


– 1 or more bananas until you feel full.
– 1 glass of warm water (room-temperature water).


– Meal by your choice and fresh salads.
– Mid-afternoon light snacks (sweet snacks such as chocolate or cookies are acceptable, but ice cream or donuts are not recommended; healthy salty snack such as seaweed snacks or a rice ball, potato chips are not recommended).

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– Sweet snacks are not allowed after 3 p.m.


– Lots of vegetables (dinner should be at least four hours before bedtime).

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