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Meet The Strongest Kid In the World – This 4-Year-Old Boy Is Doing Workouts Better Than You

Arat Hosseini is only 4 years old, and he is already referred to as the strongest kid in the world. The little boy was born in Iran and since the age of 2 he has started showing his superhuman skills.

Arat has been practicing gymnastics since he was only 9 months old. His father also taught him how to do workouts since the age of 2. He is gymnast with special talents in flips, kicks, and balances that will definitely leave you stunned. This wonder kid dreams of becoming a champion and tries hard for that.

Arat’s dad says that exercise can unlock children’s talents and help developing their persistence and courage.

The Iranian toddler’s body strength and training sessions have gone viral on Internet worldwide. This super kid has more than 900,000 followers on his Instagram.

Watch the video below to take a look at Arat’s amazing stunts!