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Makeup Trends for Spring /Summer 2014

The decorative cosmetics it will attract during the warmer months, followed by the mix of trends that were popular in past summer seasons. Even though innovations are lacking, the makeup artists tend to minimalism, but there are exciting tendencies that will encourage you to emphasize your individuality.

Delicate pastel makeup


The pastel makeup is a fantastic way to bring some freshness and color on your face, without advance certain esthetic limits.

Soft and pink lipsticks, delicate eye shadows in milk nuances and light pink blush are the best makeup tips for the next summer months.

Orange lips


The fresh orange lips will magnetically attract all. Red lipstick stays as a constant effect on makeup trends, but orange will bring a new wave of playfulness and freshness to your look.

If the lipstick is in a strong orange color, prefer a matte finish and add shine if you choose milky tint.

Sapphire look


If you have a desire to enrich your makeup collection with new makeup shades, then it should be a shade of blue or turquoise tint. Blue shadows, especially those which resemble sapphire represent one of the strongest makeup trends.

Almost, there is no a cosmetic company that doesn`t involve blue shadows.

Untouched beauty


Highlight your natural beauty with minimal makeup that only hides face imperfections. Warm, sunny days are not good for wearing a heavy makeup.

The makeup experts are very clear about the urban look. It is enough just to use concealer or liquid foundation in combination with mascara. Also apply a light blush to get the healthy looking face skin.

The power of the 60s


Sixty years of the last century are a definitely inexhaustible inspiration when it comes to beauty. During the warmer months get some ideas from the retro looks as “cat eyes” and flash with your extravagance.

Outline your eyes with black eyeliner to get the charm with the same intensity as it did decades ago. To get the look of the doll, apply several layers of mascara or fake eyelashes popular. For doll eyelashes put several layers of black mascara.

Rock Rebel Look


The smoky dark makeup that implies the grunge style won a special place among the trends. Line the eyes with a dark pencil and then carefully smudge it to get “soft” undefined lines.

Complete the look with dark eye shadow. Violet shades are also very trendy.

24-carat golden look


Shiny gold look always wins. Turn yourself in Golden Queen, using glossy copper and gold eye shadows.

Golden makeup could be a sensual way to match your summer tan bronze.

Angel`s eyes  


Give a chance to the white eyeliner to be a part of your beautifying. Line the bottom rims for visually eyes enlargement, or highlight the inner corner of the eye for a fresh look. The most interesting way to apply this makeup trend into your look is to draw “angel wings” on the eyelids (white cat look).

If White eyeliner is not by your taste, a safer variant of the white makeup trend is white shades. You can always combine the white shades/eyeliner with red lipstick.

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