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10 Makeup tricks you need to know

Women invest a lot of time in their everyday beauty rituals. To help you save some time doing your makeup, we give you a few tips and advice from our makeup artist.


If you don’t want to get lipstick on your teeth, put some vaseline on them

Put some vaseline on your front teeth to prevent the lipstick sticking to your teeth. This is an old Hollywood trick form the 1940’s but it’s still used today.

When you’re tired and your eyes are red, put some eye drops

The drops will eliminate the redness in your eyes. There’s nothing more beautiful than ‘clear’ eyes.

Blue eye shadow does not match with blue eyes

If you’re lucky enough to have blue eyes, don’t use blue eye shadow. It will ruin your natural eye color.

Put some powder on your lashes to make them longer and thicker.

Using a big brush, put some powder on your eyelids before putting any makeup on. This way you’ll create a perfect base for your eye shadow and you’ll make your lashes look more voluminous. The powder and the mascara will create a paste, that will make your lashes look longer  and with a lot of volume.


Apply some beige eye shadow under your brows to make your eyes look bigger.

Any time you notice your eyes look tired, apply beige or some white eye shadow under your brows to make them look more open and more awake. Using this trick, you’ll create an illusion of a brow lift.

Don’t use black eye shadow outside your eye lid.

You can use black eye shadow on your lid and under your eyes, but you must never use it on your upper-eyelids, right under your brow. You will look like a mess

Try the new lipstick color on the tip of your fingers.

You want to find out if that new color will suit you? Put some lipstick on the tip of your finger. That area is the closest in shade and texture with your lips,so you can easily see if that shade of lipstick is good for you or not.

Put some blush on your temples too

All makeup artist s agree that the blush is a MUST have. Used it to accentuate your cheeks, but for a more natural look apply some blush on your temples too. You’re not sure where you should apply the blush? Keep your head down for 30 sec and once it’s up you’ll notice some red areas on your face. Apply the blush on those areas. The other trick is to smile and you will instantly see where you should apply some blush.


Before using an eyeliner, mark the wanted shape with dots

Using an eye pencil, draw the line with the dots. Start from the outer corner and draw as near as possible to your lash line. Then connect the dots with some liquid eyeliner.

If you don’t have an eyeliner, apply black or dark gray eye shadow using a wet brush

You can’t find your eyeliner? Dip your brush in some water and then in your shadow.You’ll instantly notice that the color is becoming more intensive and excellent for lining your eyes.

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