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The best 10 Celebrity Makeup Looks

Many celebrities look astonishing and leave you without breath. But here is some advice how to steal their most glowing makeup looks.

Soft Smoky Eyes


Megan Fox’s soft version of smoky eyes delivers the same sultry effect as heavy smoky eyes. Line the inner rims with brown or black liner, and then mark the top outer corners. Apply a champagne shadow on the lids and blend. Use the same shadow and line the lower lashes. Then put a dot at the inner corners to brighten up the eyes.

Shadow Cat Eyes


To get the look of Mila Kunis’s soft cat eyes rim the inside of the eyes with a black pencil, then smudge along the lower lash line. Use a neutral shadow for the eyelids and then dot the outer corners with liner. Blend with a fluffy brush and put mascara.

Rosy Lips


To steal Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s beautiful makeup, first exfoliate lips with a scrub with lip polish to get rid of any dry flakes. Apply a glowing, rosy lipstick.

Shining Shadow


If you like Scarlett Johansson’s sparkle-flecked shadow, the first thing you should do is to line the outer corners of the eyes with black shadow, and then sweep a sheer glittery layer over the lids and up to the brow bones. To make the eyes look even brighter, line the lower rims with a nude pencil. Plump up the lashes with volumizing mascara.

Metallic Silver Eyes


If you want your eyes to look more open and bigger, then definitely you must try the smoldering makeup look like Jessica Alba. First, define the inner rims with black liner, and then smudge on the corners. Then apply a metallic-silver shadow on your lids, blending upward, then underneath the eyes. Brush a neutral brown in the crease. Sweep metallic shadow underneath the eyes and finish the makeup with volumizing mascara.

Bronze Glow


If you like Minka Kelly’s smoothly makeup, actually it is very super easy to achieve. Prep skin with a tinted moisturizer before powdering a cream blush on the cheeks. With a bronze-brown pencil line the upper and lower lash, and then smudge the top. Put a peach gloss lipstick on your lips and that is how you can get a serious glowing look.

Nude Lips


If you love to have nonthreatening kissable lips like Camilla Belle, there is one easy thing to do. Put on your lips a peachy nude lipstick and then finish it with a dot of clear gloss on the middle. The lips should look naturally moist, not sticky or excessively shine.

Green Eyes


Copy the Eva Mendes‘s makeup and be at the center of attention. First, line up the top lid using a black pencil, then use a green liner and apply a very thin line along the bottom lashes. The green color looks dazzling on brown or hazel eyes.

Metallic Eyes


If you want to have the dazzling effect on Freida Pinto eyes, then first line up the inner rims with black pencil, and then, apply a lighter shadow and blend out.

Dark Cherry Lips


If you like Kate Bosworth’s lips color, then you need a precise application and follow your extra lip shape. Apply darker color straight from the tube, press your lips together, and blot with a tissue. Then precise the line around your mouth with a lip brush.

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