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Flip Your Workouts: How to Make Gym Feel Like Less of a Chore

Everyone wants the perfect waistline, the ideal dress size and the beach body to go with it. The trouble is, maintaining that body is far easier said than done, hours at the gym and definitely resisting all the sweet treats around you every day takes a lot of discipline and self-control. So how can you keep up appearances without it feeling like such a chore? Here are a few ways to make things feel a little easier.

Tune In

Ever noticed how some of the fittest people in the gym tend to have earphones in? It’s probably not just coincidence. Find the kind of music that motivates you and listen to it while you workout. It might be exactly the boost you need to keep you going through your session. That treadmill won’t feel quite so endless, or those weights quite so heavy, if you’re rocking out to your favorite song.

If your problem is that you get bored and need something to occupy your mind while you work your body, try an audio book. It’s a great way to multitask, and with your thoughts elsewhere, the time will fly by.

Change it up

If you’re big on cardio, but getting over your usual regimen, try something new like a dance workout or aerobics class. If you prefer strength training, a boot camp session will test both your strength and stamina.

Martial arts are a great discipline that factor in skill, strength, and stamina along with several other benefits.

Check your attitude

Cliché as it may sound, your attitude really does make a huge difference. Next time you take a walk or jog, try to think of it as a scenic outdoor walk outside, or a nice break from the kids as opposed to a grueling workout. You’ll enjoy it more and, studies show, you will be less likely to overindulge at your next meal.

Take it Outside

If you usually head to the gym to get your exercise, try stepping outside instead. Go for a run around the neighborhood or at a local park instead of on the treadmill. Take the kids for a bike ride or have a game of soccer – it won’t feel like a workout and your kids will love you for it.

Look good, feel good

Just like the confidence boost a new dress or a gorgeous pair of heels gives you on a night out, a new gym outfit will make the world of difference. Ditch that tatty old tank top and grab some new gear, Ana Heart USA sells some great yoga wear.

Team Up

Last but not least, find a workout buddy. It won’t be quite so easy to bail on a gym session if you know a friend is waiting for you and you can keep each other going throughout. Some people are really pumped at the start of a session, others take a while to get into it. If you’re one and your buddy the other, you’ll encourage each other from start to finish.

Get a Personal Trainer

Getting a personal trainer can really stop you from feeling like working out is a chore. With the diet you will also be on, its more of a lifestyle than a chore. These military PT courses are something if you really want to test yourself, when working out.