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How to Lose Leg Weight Easily

Spring is coming and we’re looking forward to putting on our favorite shorts and skirts. It’s also the time when we start regretting we didn’t’ spend more time in the gym and we start noticing our thighs and legs getting a little chubby during the winter. Women love to have a skinny and good looking legs and to achieve that you have to focus on overall weight loss. Don’t stress yourselves. We’ll help you lose weight and get skinny legs, so you can wear your dress with pride.


Here’s how you can lose leg weight:

Avoid squats and weight exercises

Don’t do squats, leg extensions, weights at the beginning. These exercises will not make your thighs slimmer. Weight exercises will make your muscles larger, and this can make your thighs and legs look bigger.

Cardio for slimmer legs

Cardio exercises will definitely help you lose overall fat and leg fat. If you’re using elliptical trainer or stationary bike to do your cardio, then keep the resistance low. High intensity cardio will give you the best results.


Running is really effective when it comes to losing leg fat. Running will help you decrease the size of the muscles and help you reduce the fat around the muscles therefore will make your thighs look smaller.


Pilates is great for losing weight and for targeting leg muscles. Pilates will definitely help you have skinnier legs. Sign up for a class or grad some DVD’s with Pilates exercise you can do at your home.


This is something you can’t do at your home, except if you have your own pool. Swimming is the best full body workout and it’s an excellent way to burn leg. It’s also an amazing cardio workout.

Change in Your diet

You must make some changes in your diet if you want to have slimmer legs. Add more fruit and veggies in your diet. They’re fulfilling and low in calorie. Not only they’ll help you lose weight, but also help you improve your overall health.
Drink lots of water, instead of drinking sugary drinks. Drinks at least 6 glasses of water per day.
Eat foods rich in omega3 fatty acids such as: fish, nuts, spinach.
Reduce your portion size.

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