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How to Improve Your Fitness Without Paying for A Gym

To be healthy doesn’t mean it has to come at a price. Improving your fitness doesn’t require a contracted gym membership nor hiring an expensive personal trainer. It doesn’t require any of that at all. It does require motivation. Get moving and try these free or low-cost means to becoming more fit.

Before you start

Before starting any fitness regimen, you’ll need to question your health habits. Ask yourself,

  • How hard should I work out? Listen to your body. If you’re not used to working out regularly, take it easy and progress slowly. When lifting weights, don’t aim too heavy. You can build toned muscles using lighter weights. Try low impact activities like yoga or walking.
  • How long and often should I work out? Don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you may get turned off and reconsider working out. Start with a lower rep range with weights and shorter time frames for cardio.
  • How much recreational drugs and alcohol do I consume? Be honest with yourself. If you are consuming recreational drugs or alcohol, this isn’t healthy no matter how fit you think you are. Before getting into a fitness path, you must deal with your addiction.
  • Do I have any current or recent health issues? Depending on your current health state, you may need to limit your workouts to what your body can handle. Consult with a physician before starting your fitness routine.
Join a club

If you prefer the social aspect of working out, join a sports club or workout group or take a friend along with you to your next fitness outing. There are plenty of workout groups like running clubs and football leagues that are free or request a nominal contribution fee. If you cannot find a workout club in your area that’s in your interest, don’t let that stop you. Create a workout club of your own. Gather a group of friends, set a schedule that’s good for most, and have fun burning those calories.

Go online

Sounds like a contradiction, but the Internet is a limitless resource for anything especially on the topic of fitness. You’ll have convenient and quick access to workout videos on Youtube and “how to workout” guides on Pinterest. Don’t forget to check out your cable and media service provider for fitness channels that are available to you.

Incorporate into your daily routine

There are many ways that you can incorporate bursts of fitness workouts into your daily routine. When you climb up the stairs, do lungs, crawls, hops, and pushups. Exercise at your desk by doing stretches, calf raises, and glute squeezes. Walk a little faster and take the longer scenic route.

Remember, there are many ways of improving your fitness without having to join an expensive gym. Take advantage of the online and media resources available to you. Be open to try new activities with friends and workout buddies. Keep a positive attitude, always challenge yourself, and never give up!