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How to Find More Time for Yourself

People are generally leading busier lives than ever before, which means all too often there is no time left to do the things they want to do. However, with family, friends, work, and the house to look after sometimes it can seem like there are not enough hours in the day. If you find yourself in a similar situation, how can you try to gain some extra time for yourself? Here are some ideas to help you find more ‘me’ time.

Make Yourself a Priority

The reason that most people don’t do this is that they feel as though they are being selfish. But, the truth is if you don’t start looking after yourself then no one else will do it for you. It is important that you ensure you are healthy both physically and mentally so that you can not only do your job but also help others as you would like. As an example, if you work in a high-pressure job such as an emergency room, the staff and patients need to know that you are rested and able to perform to the best of your ability.It is possible to make yourself a priority even if you have children and a partner in your life.

Wake Up Earlier

If you constantly feel that there are not enough hours in your day, then why not try waking up an hour or so earlier in the morning.You might find this incredibly difficult in the beginning, however, in the long run, you’ll find yourself with more time to do the things you want to do such as catching up on the news, doing a little exercise, or simply meditating. There is also another benefit to waking up earlier, a woman’s health study found that early risers are more productive, cheerful, and have less risk of depression. To balance this out, you also need to ensure that you are going to bed at a reasonable time or you will feel exhausted by the end of the day.

Set a Time in Your Diary

Even though you might tell yourself that you need to have time on your own, that doesn’t mean that you will always be able to schedule it into your day. To help you, why not try adding periods of time into your diary each day?For example, if you want to allocate yourself 30 minutes a day, then add this into your diary at a time when you are free. If you don’t, you will soon find this time getstaken up doing other things. Plus, by having it as a dedicated time in your schedule, you are less likely to double book.

Use the Time Wisely

When you get time to yourself, it’s important that you use it wisely.There can be the temptation to constantly check your phone or to worry about what other people are doing. However, to get the most out of thistime you need to do the things you want to do. It might be that you want to have a nice cup of coffee interrupted, or that you want to browse the online vape juice store for your new favorite flavor. For this period of time, turn off your notifications and leave the world behind so you can rest and relax.

Let Go of Control

You’ll often find that most of the people who have trouble finding time for themselves are those that don’t like relinquishing control. They will often feel the job will only be done properly if they do it themselves, but this can lead to people putting a lot of work on their shoulders. It can also result in them being unable to free up anytime for themselves or making excuses as to why they need to do so much. If you are one of these people, then you need to think about all of those jobs you might be able to pass on to other people. Does it matter if someone else deals with the invoices? Can someone else take out the trash for you?The more time you can free up, the more chance you have of time for yourself.

Learn to Say No

Learning to say no to somebody is probably the most difficult thing for many people to do.Once you get yourself into the habit of saying yes, deciding to then say no can leave you feeling guilty.You also don’t want to upset anyone by telling them you can’t do something for them. However, in order to keep yourself happy and healthy, you sometimes need to prioritize yourowntasks over someone else’s. Your friends and family should understand that you need more time for you andwill be happy with your decision. If anyone is unhappy that you say no, then maybe they are not looking out for you as you think they are.

Take Up That Hobby

Is there something you always wanted to do but never had the time to do it? This can be the perfect opportunity for you to indulge yourself and take up that hobby. It can be the perfect antidote to those who always end up spending their spare time on other things or other people. By taking up a hobby, you are encouraging yourself to spend time doing one thing for you. It can also be a wonderful way to relax and unwind especially after a hard day. Ideally, it should be a hobby that you can do outside of the house such as in your shed or at another location. This will prevent other people from encroaching on your time or distracting you, which can leave you feeling frustrated.

Finding more time for yourself is more than just choosing a time of day. For those who really want some ‘me’ time, it’s about changing your habits and your way of thinking so that you are available for yourself. Most importantly, it is vital that you don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first.