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How a Couple Can Plan a Home

Coming to an agreement with anyone is a battle within itself. Coming to an agreement with your partner is a whole other ballpark. If you are both more agreeable, then it’s a straight shot. If you find that it’s hard to come to a consensus, then it’s time to work through those differences to reach your joint goal. Teamwork and togetherness have the ability to build great bonds. Below we discuss different solutions to build a bond regarding designs and game plans.

1. More Space

Many people purchase a home with a goal to remodel and rejoice. Many people like the idea of wide-open space. However, depending on where you live, that might not always be possible. The first thing to consider is what is taking away from this goal. Is it the doors? Could glass pocket doors fix that? Will removing a wall do it? Once you find what is preventing you from having a sense of wide-open space, it’s time to decide how you want to remove this obstruction.

As a couple, you should try to find references for what you both would like your home to look like. If you plan to build it yourself, start with researching layouts. If you plan to hire someone to renovate your home, try having a good group idea of what you are looking for.

2. Build the Dream Yard

You and your partner have finally made it to the backyard to strategize how you will excavate. You want one thing and they want another; what do you do? Draw it out. Drawing out how you want the new yard to look gives you the passion you need to draw a layout of the yard. Not everyone considers themselves to be an artist, but drawing a layout is more about placement and format over artists skill in this case.

Try doing some research together on how to create a layout for the backyard, you can use squares and words to represent objects and locations. Once you have drawn it out then it’s time to find some reference for your color theme and settings. The New York Times raves about a couple who lives in the city and renovated their home together to create a beautiful oasis in their yard.

3. The Cave

You’ve heard of a man cave and a woman cave, but how about “the cave?” Maybe your new home does not have enough indoor space for a cave, but what if your back yard has the space you need? A livable shed may be the solution. This could go in the yard and provide the personal getaway you may be craving from a man or woman cave. Livable sheds can have natural light or electricity. If this is something you are both interested in, but you are conflicted on what to get, then decide if this is something worth adding to your property. If you find that you are too conflicted about it, move to an easier topic to discuss unrelated to the outdoors and give it some time to settle before making a decision. Consider each other’s preferences and how they compare to your own.

4. Color Battle

Picking a color can be wonderful or it can be a chore. Depending on the side of the coin, you may find that picking a color can be made simple by making a quick group trip to the local paint store. A fun way to figure out colors independently is to shop separately, allowing your partner to pick their own colors independently. Once you have done this you can sit down together and see how your colors compare. If they are far off, it’s time to compare the colors with your home ideas and see which colors best follow the home design plan. Make sure to compromise and come to a common decision as often as possible.

5. Easy Peasy

In a partnership, you may find that your other half is not very opinionated or at least not out loud. The best route is to consider their silent opinions and make decisions based on what you feel they may like or appreciate. If they are more vocal about their opinions then it may be easier to compromise. The easiest steps are the simplest ones. Try to limit how long it takes to make a decision on something. The longer you dwell, the more you change your mind and then things become frustrating. Give yourselves some time to think independently and then try to narrow down the best decision.